It’s not easy trying to accomplish
all that you want and still
not miss anything in your kids lives.
They are only kids for such a short time.


My solution
Bring ‘em with.
There are times when I miss going sledding or out on the pontoon boat
with family cuz I have some work to finish but they come with me
to the office on Saturdays and run errands with me.
I make sure we have fun.
I always mix in something for them.
They remember that little stuff.
I know so because they tell me so.


I have to be sure to do the water park or play catch
or go clothes shopping too because, to a kid,
that’s a much bigger part of their world.
That’s also what they will remember  – their stuff.

You see this when they want to show you the most
mundane detail of what they’ve just done.
It’s their world that you’re being invited into.
Letting them show you does many things, all of them good.
The least of those is the shaping of their perception of
your involvement and caring into their world.
What are you willing to give up to do that?

Watch movies together, do house projects, walk the dog.
When they have friends over, romp about doing their thing
with them in spurts as much as you can.
Their perception of always is whenever they ask.
When you say yes, perception and yes go together
and become always to them.


When they say that I always do this,
the truth is that it’s only really once in awhile.
But to them, the memory of a little effort
is bigger than the effort itself.
Mostly it’s not even an effort, it’s fun.
We kinda forget some of that, being an adult so caught up
in pursuing the dream that we forget to pursue happiness.
Kids get that.


So I have tried to say YES first.
Even a little effort goes a long way.
This translates to your own perception too.
Being the first one in to work or the last to leave,
the one who makes the deadline, the one who consistently
gets the job done, while not discussed, is perceived as always.


Being a Family Guy, even without kids or a family of your own
takes the ability to not do whatever you want, but do what you must.
Being there for other people may not have overt, instant daily rewards,
but the rewards are definitely there.
I promise you that even if no words are spoken that give you the idea
that what you are doing matters, it goes in.
It matters.
It helps you. It helps them.


Hey, the weekend’s coming up.
Say YES!
See what it starts in you – or about you.


Usually you find out what you are capable of
in the midst of an emergency.

Do you become clear thinking and calm
or do you respond to the situation with a rush of panic?


There are a great many things that are not emergencies
but still very difficult to do.
For some it might be public speaking of almost any kind,
it might be some role in a funeral, or other hard emotional labor.


You can preset your mind on your ability to handle it.
I’m not talking about flying a plane if you’ve not been to flight school,
but rather what you can do but would rather not.
I have found out that I always make more of it in my mind than it actually is.
I’m sure you’ve heard that before but it continues to be true.
I have tried to imagine what it could be like and
live in that for a moment to see what I think.
That doesn’t really help too much and can actually work against you.


If I am pre-loaded to get something done, it will get done
and I find that it’s usually well within my mental and/or emotional
ability to accomplish. Maybe especially if I didn’t think I could do it.
I remove the option of getting out of it
and replace it with the determination to do it.


Be very aware of what you tell yourself,
because that’s what you will be capable of.


Is it your opinion
or a deeper belief?
There’s a huge difference.


I see bumper stickers for diversity and equality.
Good statements.
Those who place them on their bumpers are displaying a belief.
Do they mean it?
Have they thought about what that means in practice?
I hope so.
When you have a strong belief,
you are held to a standard based upon that conviction.


The layers of other bumper stickers underneath
For clarity, A thought is the first consideration of a topic.
It is the most easily changed.
An opinion  is one level deeper than a thought about a subject
It can also be changed, but with more repeated influence.
A belief is a deeply held conviction that has more to do with
how you view the world, and your place in it.
Beliefs are not easily changed.
Beliefs have more to say about who you are.


All of these are as diverse as the people that hold them.
You could say that these are among the top reasons why people are so diverse.


There is way more to disagree with because there are
far more thoughts than opinions and more opinions than beliefs.
If we can agree that everybody sees things differently,
then it’s easy to conclude that there are far more ways of looking
at something than our ability to agree with would allow.
There’s a lot to think through just to even get to an opinion,
much less the conviction of belief.


So as you stand strong and share an opinion,
you know that most people will refute it in their own mind.
That doesn’t denigrate the quality of your opinion.
You couldn’t get 100% agreement that 2+2=4.
Someone would vehemently disagree, from the philosophy of their belief.
Why are we so concerned with the fact that people oppose our opinion?
If we cling so tightly to it, arguing to gain compliance,
we can’t get as much done.
It’s time spent on the wrong thing.


There are some moments of give with an opinion
and some moments of standing strong on your beliefs.
Figuring all that out makes for an interesting day.


My opinion is that disagreeing is something to be considered.
It’s more information and not really all that threatening.
It’s honest communication.
Oh…that’s gotta be why.

It’s tied to one’s self-concept.
People deceive to shape what they want you to think
about them but don’t realize that it’s not what they really are.
Yeah? Maybe?

My thought toward a solution?
Speak unwaveringly, but kind, out of your beliefs.
Listen and discuss out of your opinions.
Work on your thoughts inside your head.


Hearing other thoughts, opinions and beliefs
may be worthy and push your world view.
I believe the pursuit of that goal will last a lifetime.
What do you think?


Uniqueness pushes the status-quo
The internet has made this available for all to see.
There is only so much shelf space for product.
But plenty of room for a new idea.


When you have a product in the marketplace,
the wrong question to ask yourself is –
are you better than the other products.
It is assumed that you are charging towards your best.
How your story sits with people will determine
whether they think your product is worthwhile.


If you are meeting the quality standard, the better question then is
are you offering something beneficially different than the other products?
Continual pursuit of excellence works over time.
It requires great amounts of energy.
It’s why new products always have that fiery passion.


The best new ideas start with being beneficially different and containing the truth of you.
By the way, you are the product.



Binge eating Cheetos at night.
You had to have done this at least once.
If not, you’re not missing anything.
Still, it’s beyond wanting to stop.
You love it at the moment.
I’m talking about the moment before it’s gone bad
by eating way too many.
The taste in the mouth good –
not the waste in your gut bad.


Did you ever eat so many at once that they cake up around your teeth?
There’s a finely ground, moist, sticky cheeto paste fixed to your teeth
as a protective barrier, like a dental crown.
It can’t really be removed quickly.
It’s orange spackle.


Now that I think too much about it, with the gold grillz thing going on,
how about a Cheetos grillz?
Fashion candy.
And they taste better than gold mixed with slobber. 
At least it’s better than the viral marketing of cinnamon.
No? well, sorry kinda, it’s all I got.
Being full on Cheetos isn’t exactly brain food.


Look at your routines.
I know you like them.
Are they doing
what you want them to?
Are they good for you?
You get up in the morning, probably have a cup of coffee,
shower, brush your teeth.
From this point on most of your day revolves around your built-in habits.
From the words you say, to the actions you take.
It’s not easy to look at them for what they are.
It’s more truthfully a comfort to you.
It’s what you do.


What happens when you’re on vacation?
Do your routines stay the same?
Some do, and some are forced to flex around the new day’s plans.
You don’t have to brush your teeth like you have to go to the bathroom.
But you do that.


So the question is – which habits help you, and which are the comfort of routine?
Can you be honest with yourself or will you justify your habits that aren’t helping?
Identifying is the first and most difficult part
because it requires not just change of habits but mind.
Here’s an example:
You’re in a meeting and you think of ways to make the changes
the boss seeks/company needs.
You know it would take a culture shift to do it the right way,
the way you want to say outloud.
But if you do, you would be scorned, dismissed, or
thought of as one who doesn’t go with the flow.


Are you personally setting up daily ways to get better results
based upon your best solutions or do you just go with the industry
and say what most every other person in your position says in a meeting
just like the one you are in?
Not an easy evaluation.

Let’s look for the real point.
Is it to keep your job average at an average company
attempting excellence through average processes?
Evaluation leads to trouble in your mind.

Of course this is nothing compared to the next step.
Change is the fulcrum of our lives.
Change is always in between where you wanna be and where you are.

But, first things first.
Do the evaluation.
If the evaluation challenges you – good.
You may have to change your path to get where you really want to go.
Is it scary? Ok, I’ll go with that.

Project your future.
If you keep doing what you’re doing,
you’ll get all the same type of results as you are now.
Is that scary enough to change?
Or maybe you’re on plan. It’s still worth a look forward.
You can certainly get results you’re after with a long-term
process that includes discipline and consistency.

Do the evaluation to determine what things, little or big
are worthy of your attention.
Do you need to make a plan or are you on plan?
Live your life, not the lives of all the average people
around the proverbial boardroom table.
Change Evaluation is on your action item list now.



I mean without washing them.
Is there a formula?
Is it social or scientific?
How long before people notice that you’re wearing
the same jeans as you did yesterday – the day before?
That’s the social part.
And if they did, how many would scoff at it?
It’s pretty close to socially acceptable to
not wash your jeans after every wear, isn’t it?
Jeans are so completely versatile
You can wear them when camping, playing sports, doing yard work or cooking.
You can wear them to formal events as long as you have a sport coat or good shirt.
But Jeans never really stink.
That furthers their versatility.
I can’t figure that out.
You wear shoes every day and they don’t
smell better for your having worn them –
you put stink in ‘em and you can’t run it off.
You have one, maybe two pairs of blue jeans,
but many of any other kinds of pants.
Jeans don’t wear out easily.
Well, the impostors do but they’re posers, short-termers.


Denim must have properties something like an ozone layer
that keeps our funk contained.
We gotta wear ’em in too, so they get used to us.
They become like an exo-skeleton.
I think there’s science in there somewhere.

Most mysterious, all of this, but the world is better for it.


I don’t mean to question it, I’m just here to appreciate it.
I stand in awe of you – amazing life and properties of blue jeans!


Your answer will depend a lot
on how you feel today.
But the question is always a valid one.
Where you direct your attention is where you get your results.
If something has a negative hold on you, dealing with it is most likely needed.
But focusing on it, dwelling on it – well that doesn’t really help at all.
It becomes too dominant of a negative in your day.


Think of something you were looking forward to from any time in your life.
Birthday parties or Christmas or a friends sleepovers or
going to a baseball game or a trip.
All of these and many more held your focus in anticipation.
That anticipation was full of uncertainty too.
But if you remember, you were full of excitement about it.
You didn’t dwell on what could go wrong, what was bad about it.
It was gonna be great no matter what.


Isn’t there something to find in our every day
that can have even the seed of that?
If you can find it, it will grow.
You will wear it and people will know,
they will be affected by it.


When the speedbump in any day comes,
something that could disrupt the focus,
deal with it quickly and keep on.
You’re busy appreciating.


Reality is what you do.
The dream is where it started.


This is what I’ve seen over the years
in my corporate life.
The Ugly “clique.”
I thought I’d take a trip inside what I’ve
seen and heard in this little mindburp.

“Inside out ” by one definition is having the inner surface turned outward.
In this case it means being open, being yourself – vulnerable.
Being honest like this means you will have opposition.
It’s always there.
Can you ignore it?
Corporate High School
Yeah, giggity, we all agree and laugh about it.
You on the outside – we flaunt our network in front of you.
We all go to lunch together. We all do these things together and don’t  care about
anybody outside of our network who doesn’t agree with us.
Your disagreeing with us just gives us something to mock when we’re together
agreeing with each other.
You, over there, on the outside of our most important circle –
You’re an idiot.
(looking left and right) Right guys?
We’re right and you’re wrong. You don’t know.
We only pretend to get along when we need something from you,
but once you leave, we got the dirt on you.
If we don’t, there’s plenty to make up.
And once we say it, it’s forever true.
We rule. You suck.
Don’t disagree with us or we’ll get all over you.


There’s gossip to be found and you get sucked in
cuz you wanna hear what’s going on.
It’s what news is – If it bleeds it leads.

But in there, if you don’t belong, you’re wrong.

You in the clique –  I’ll bet some of you wish
you could get out of this pattern, but you can’t.
You’d have to change jobs or move and you’re not up for that.
You won’t reinvent yourself, so you keep going on this way.
It’s easier. You’ve got clout.
That’s good enough right?


Do you want to be this person?
Give up to the right things
The best things for you are tough to do.
The experience of what’s tough
is what makes them worth something.


“Inside out” also means to know something thoroughly.
So who are you on the inside?


You start out with a great idea.
You have something to offer.
You fill a need and you have to
make people aware of it.
Sometimes brilliance comes from the things that are totally out of the ordinary.
They break the standard and they work.
There are also times when a different idea is as disjointed as you and your spouse
sitting in bathtubs in your yard looking at the sunset.


The hype machine of the TV industrial complex, as Seth Godin calls it,
is so overdone by this point in our media evolution that we are all completely used to it.
Getting your brand in front of us seems to be the main point for those still advertising
in the older, traditional way. And traditional is comfortable.
It still works according to the numbers.
We’re entering an era where philosophy is the driving force of decisions.
Media has changed and with more competition comes more need for telling us your story.
Your story holds your philosophy and it gives us a reason to join you.
What about offering a real take on what you are?
What about being alright with your product not being for everyone you can reach?
Can you accept no? No means it’s not a fit – for whatever reason. No is ok.
You don’t want to be around a situation where you are not held in the proper esteem.


We are also now in an era of specialization.
Many similar products to choose from, each having differing stories, allows you to choose. Not one big company owning all of them but small businesses
putting their art and passion to work.
Be aware of what you are marketing.


I watch pharmaceutical ads and I’m amazed that they must spend half of
their expensive air time telling you all the reasons not to use their product.
They have to, because most involve some horrible permanent condition or death.
This is what we accept in marketing these days just to get the brand in front of people.
Looked at another way, they are actually promoting the fact that use of their product
can harm you. You could die.
That’s the other end of the health spectrum in their industry.
Risking loss of life is not helping with quality of life there marketing genius.
That’s not his concern, or job. But it should be.


Prescription drugs are not a product we can interact with.
The medical profession has to.
I don’t want brand recognition being the reason me or my doctor
choose the medication for my situation.
I don’t want to judge the decision based upon the least amount
of damage that could result by comparison to other drugs like it.
There is a lot of money spent in the development of these drugs.
A new mindset is needed.
Not sales first, but product first – the user’s experience.
Is the Hippocratic oath being employed by the drug companies?


If you’re in an interview, don’t spend half the time telling them how you
could fail miserably, and the possibility exists, because it’s happened in the past,
that you could take down the entire company.
Not a good self-marketing strategy.


Marketing professionals have formulas based upon what has worked.
They’re not much different than accountants.
Most handle data on what others have created, but create nothing of their own.
They execute formulas.
Some great marketers think for themselves enough to see the bigger picture.
They run their business using their own principles, what they value as important.
They get results over time that prove their methods. That’s long-term thinking.
But I’m afraid that most people are sheep and follow what they see –
personally and thus professionally.


Is that because that’s what people really are or has modern marketing
become so pervasive that we have assimilated to that culturally?
I’m not hauling my tub into my yard to watch the sunset, and I mean ever!