Oh, I couldn’t do that,
you tell yourself.
THAT is too big, too hard,
too emotional, too scary.
Yeah, it might be.
But it can be done –  and done by you.

Don’t we always make more of something in our mind
than actually happens?
Everyone has some, but having too much fear about something
also means that you’re not moving past it.
This is what gets people stuck.
Yes, even seemingly confident and together people
buckle to a reason that fear proposes.

By being involved in the goal you reduce the “too much” part
of the fear that stops you.
Put your time to the goal and the fear becomes something
you have just mentally moved past.

People living their goals out will admit it’s there but they
don’t allow it to keep them from the actions of achievement.

It’s the doing that quells the fear.
So think about your steps and get busy doing.

I mean today.
What do you want to do in your life that you haven’t?


Fear always has a place to hide.
You are capable of making it seek out a place
that’s more comfortable than getting in the way of your progress.
You are capable of letting small amounts of fear push you forward.
You are capable of momentum, the greatest food your goals will feed on.


Then the question proposed  is turned upside down–
Not capable meaning what can you do
but how well can you do it.


What are YOU capable of?


What do you do
that will be there
after you’re gone?


I know, I know, it’s another 80 or 100 years away
but still worth the thought.


Do you write journals, or timelines of family history?
Do you create works of art or write music?
Do you organize your photos and catalog your experiences?
Are you a storyteller? Passing along pieces that will be told for generations?


You are certainly worth remembering.
You have a say in what people will recall about you.
Did you think about that even once before?


How do people react to you when you’re around?
What you do today is shaping that.


A life well lived includes people.
Not only your pursuits but your pursuits for and with other people.
If you spend your time only for yourself, you will get what you are earning.
If you spend time with and for others, your legacy is one of inclusion, of connection.


Recharge by yourself but plug back in with family and friends.
Being a part of a memory starts with being there.


You will be gone someday – remember?
Connect your forever to today.



Cars are awesome.
They do so much more
than just get you there.


I know a lot of people buy a car with that as the sole reason,
maybe gas mileage or safety among them,
but to me that’s not why I buy a car.
I wanna drive it.
I wanna feel the engine at work and have a good experience every day.
Even just to look at it can bring you to happy.


I could not own a Prius.
I get why they make ‘em and I’m glad for it.
I just can’t do it.
I know Prius people aren’t fans when someone pulls up behind them
at a stoplight in a Suburban, big truck or a muscle car with a loud,
powerful engine even at idle.
The Prius’s bumper sticker tells what they think.


Some, like myself, view the car as fun.
It’s a little daily amusement park ride.
Others view it solely as a means to an end.
These are the same people who eat out of necessity
rather than living out daily the joys of food.
I have friends who have told me these things.
I like ’em, but I don’t get ’em.


There are so many great cars out there that if you like the car experience,
it doesn’t mean you have to spend big money to get a cool car.
Some won’t be as reliable, ok, true.
But hunt for something different, get into it.
Rather than the bumper sticker, your car tells the story about you–
at least at that point in your life.
Without kids, only those to whom it doesn’t matter would drive a mini-van.


The Prius has got no driving pleasure.
Not by my definition.
It’s toooooo practical.
It’s more like the airport tram you take from terminal to terminal.


You know what your Prius says about you?
I was too bored to find out,
I drove away – audibly.


“When you find out that you’re
afraid of something,
you owe it to yourself to face it.”
– My Dad


I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about the fear of
getting hit by a car, although I tried that.
Not my choice.


I know that my sisters and brother heard the statement.
We have all responded to it.
There’s a lot of insecurity available in vulnerability.
If you stay afraid of being vulnerable,
you won’t take your metaphorical next step onto the stage.


Why be vulnerable?
To be vulnerable means to expose yourself.
This is the picture of standing onstage naked.
Yeah, sorry kinda for any unsavory visuals.


Stripped bare, you have nothing to hide behind.
Having continued on from there, you will reach the point
at which your insecurity begins to fade as you get used to it.
Being open to attack by not hiding allows you to move
into the honing of your unique craft, in the way only you can represent it.
Using the comfort available to be gained inside vulnerability,
meaning comfort in being you publicly,
is what separates you from the crowd.
It lets people know that there’s only one you.
You are your product.


And that’s where connection happens.
That’s where careers are realized.
That’s when you’re on the right path
rather than just looking for a job, or letting life happen to you.
It’s what the people on the reality shows like Naked and Afraid
are talking about at the end.
They say that they can accomplish anything after having gone through that.
You can too.
Just keep your clothes on, please.


Take a cue if one’s available.
Mostly that means listen.


If somebody actually says that they are in a bit of a hurry
or they have to go, don’t spend their time.
If somebody’s on the phone, don’t start a conversation with them.
Don’t rearrange their desktop or sit at their computer and change things.
If a door’s closed, don’t barge in.
Maybe hold a door for someone.


Stunningly obvious, all this.
It used to be called manners.

I hope for a cultural resurgence.

It’s so unusually great when you see it that the person being nice
risks coming off as the bumbling Inspector Jacques Clouseau.

Being kind has it’s own rewards.
It’s called Peace.
We always need more of that.


Of more value than money.
More constant than feelings.


It’s the only thing we all have equal amounts of every day.
Time is what you have.
Time is also the cost.
All else results from your spending of it.


Quite a lot of being a good spouse, parent or friend
is just being there.
…remember that time?


You invest by the use of it.
Success of any kind is a result of the amount of it you put in.
Value is created by your use of it.
It’s what focus is – concentrated activity.


What are you doing later?
How about now?
How will you pay for it?


I recently became a recipient of a gift
sent with postage due.
Not expensive but not cheap either.


When a gift isn’t a gift
While the surprise of a package makes you feel
a little giddy at the wonder of it’s contents,
the note informing me of postage due
gave me the unwanted job
of trekking to the post office to get it
and to pay for the shipping.
It also caused the package to be delayed
until the next day.
You know it’s in town but you can’t have it.
It’s like being a kid at Christmas seeing the presents
under the tree just looking at you
but you can’t open any of them.
Here you go, I got you a present – it’s an errand.


So now I had some skin in the game.

The extra work assigned though,
the part where I participated in it without my approval –
that makes it not a gift.

What C.O.D Really Stands For
Was it cash on delivery or did C.O.D. stand for something else, I thought.
I considered turning it down and having it sent back.
It’s like a sales call at that point.
Or a game show.
“Would you like to buy this gift box I hold at your door for $20?”
If I knew what was in it, then I could choose whether I wanted it or not.
If I shake it to find out and it breaks, that’s on me.
In hindsight, turning it down would have been too big a statement
but it would be the right statement to make.


The bigger the gift, the higher chance that it has
some of the “giver’s” intention embedded in it.


How about this:
If you’re gonna give a gift, and call it that,
make it a gift in total.
No strings attached.
Nothing that the receiver is supposed to do
without their prior knowledge.
No force.


A gift is not about the giver.
If it’s conditional, make it known before giving it.
Y’know, a condition of the transfer.


Be generous. Give gifts.
It’s great thing to do.
But whatever they do after that is their business.
You’ve done something nice for them.
That’s it.
If you cannot do that, don’t give it.


Don’t make your gifts a Condition Of Demand.


I’m trying to get this.

I see people with their tongue pierced.
Well, maybe I don’t see it at first, but there’s tells.


They talk a little different when they first get it done.
They work real hard to get their mouth to act like it used to.


I don’t get the appeal – like I don’t get odd flavor combining with ice creams.
How did this go from something somebody did and you called them a little nuts
to something a lot of people do?
How do you get an idea like that to reach critical mass?
What’s the selling point?


What you must get from having a metal rod installed into a
fleshy taste pole in the middle of your head has to be greater
than the pain of getting it done.
It better, cuz I can only imagine that the pain is great.
And by great I mean horrible.

I was never that young where this could have appealed to me.
…and I’ve done some stoopid stuff.
For the record, I have no problem with it.
I just don’t get how someone would want to do that.

I guess I feel the same about childbirth.
Totally worth it, but that’s easy for me to write –
my part was going out for bubble gum pistachio ice cream.


(link is to one of the creators of bubble gum ice cream – gotta love that! )


Have you just started?
Maybe you’re not inspired
or just not done yet.
How do you know when it’s done?

It lives on in new ways each time someone has an experience with it.
When someone hears your song, it has meaning to them.
Different than the creator’s.

When is the creator finished?
When you’re ready to let it go and move on to the next piece.


How do you let it go?
Art, like love, is not a possession.
It’s not really yours, it more came through you.
And it must be let go of to let others interact with it.

My best creations I don’t feel I can take ultimate credit for.
They were instantly and always bigger than me.

Going Through The Stages

  • Inspiration and raw creativity getting captured.
  • Editing smoothes out the rough edges and refines it.
  • Final polish – post work.

Then let it go.
You’ve done your work and it is as it was meant to be.
You could refine forever but that would reduce the ability
for interpretation by the viewer.
It needs to be open for them to add to their life.
It’s why artwork hangs on a wall, or a song stays with you forever –
because it means something to you.
You brought your perspective to it.

We all see it through our own window.
It’s nice to be able to see someone else’s art for what it is to them,
but art works because we change it’s impression to our own.

See if you can find the art in your day where you didn’t before.