Show yourself change.

Pick one small thing.
Think overly simple.
A stupidly simple thing when you look at it on paper.


How about one thing that you haven’t done but need to.
Change that light bulb, download photos from your phone,
clean your refrigerator, dust just that one area,
bring that box out to the shed already,
go give that pile of stuff away, backup your computer,
make a smoothie.
It takes 30 seconds – maybe 10 minutes.
You’re not too busy.


Or that need can come from the heart.

Smile when you make eye contact
with someone in public, just once.
Give your kid a hug
and tell them something you love about them.
Kiss your mate out of nowhere
and with nothing attached.
You’re not too busy.

Small moves become big when you show yourself you can do them.
You’re not too busy.

Today is one day of a process you will show yourself capable of.
Stupidly simple when you look at it on paper.
It’s all been said and done before.
But has it been done by you?

Be busy with the simple and right things.
That’s small but very real change.



We have a modern fixation with bins.
Both metaphorical and real.


Things to put your things in.
We think it’s to get organized.
Real organization isn’t about stuffing everything away.
There’s danger in having too many bins.
Did you ever notice –
the bigger the house the more stuff you find to put in it?

The risk is in hiding behind perceived order
while in reality, the bins are overflowing,
gathering junk that you’d have gotten rid of
if it were just sitting there exposed.


Bins work best if you have the discipline to know
what’s in them and reassess their contents seasonally.
Much like the people in your life, they work when
you are actively involved with them.

What to keep, what to store and what to get rid of?
Excess makes things messy.

You wanna know the best bin to organize and clean up your life?
The big one you roll out to the curb.




What events shaped you?
Can you name them?
What about the second level events?
Those may be easier to find because there are more of them.
Not the big huge ones but the more numerous, yet influential ones.
Try this.
Get out one sheet of paper, ok, fine, your phone,
and write down the big things / events / accomplishments of your life.


Whatever comes to mind, think back over your years.
Good or not so. They all count.
Write them.
I wonder if you’ll be surprised by it.
This is you, or at least what shaped you.


Seeing this list, you now have something that accounts for
how you think and act as you do now.
You can work with this list.

Maybe you just got to know yourself again.




There’s a lot of insecurity in vulnerability


To be vulnerable means to expose yourself, to be open.
It is the metaphor of standing onstage naked.
Stripped bare, you have nothing to hide behind.


People don’t like the feeling.
Either one.
So they avoid it.

By pushing through it:
  • your mistakes sharpen your focus
  • your insecurity begins to fade
  • your vulnerability moves into a refining stage
    • of your skills
    • of your craft
    • of your personality
  • you can find what’s really, uniquely, you
  • your honesty will separate you from the crowd
  • you let people know there’s only one you
  • Your life takes on new hope


That’s where connection happens.
That’s where careers are made.
That’s when you become content along your way.
You focus on productive things far more.


We’ll always have that voice in our heads,
telling us what we’re not.

It brings modesty if it stays small.
It’s debilitating if it gets big.


The fight to push through it gets better
each step along the way.
It’s always got tough spots.
That’s why pushing through is worth it –
because of the other end.

Be vulnerable.
Push yourself past it.




People love a sale.
But sales are screwing everything up!


The problem is that we’ve been conditioned by a sale
to the point that now paying full price makes me feel like
I’m not being smart with my money.
People love to tell about the good deal they uncovered.
That’s how you turn pro.
I don’t hear too many telling how smart they are
by paying full retail price,
“oh I only buy MSRP, that’s how you do it.”
If it’s not on sale then it’s overpriced
When I’m shopping, I can’t get it out of my mind
that the company determines what I’ll pay, not me.
You hear often that something is only worth
what another will pay for it.
I guess that’s not completely true.


I like in olden times when people would take to trading.
“What’ll ye give me fer it?”
If I go into a store and bring a $35 item up to the counter
and say “I’ll give ye 20 bucks fer it.” They’ll say no.
When it’s on sale, if I try to give them $35 for it,
they’ll say no.
What’s going on here?
I have no say in the process other than
whether I accept their offer.


Now we’re even lured into a purchase
if they offer free shipping.
Like we don’t think they’d change the price
of the items to cover that.


Convenience costs

To find a deal, you gotta be willing to search it out.

How can we go about changing the entire system
of paying what a company determines we should pay?
The goal of both the manufacturer
and the retailer is to sell to us.

Let’s haggle.
Can we wrestle back control by saying
what we’ll pay and negotiating with ‘em?
Sales clerks would get back to actually selling,
making deals to get product off the shelves
instead of just moving it to a clearance rack.


Eh, that’s way too much hassle.
I’m already tired of the idea.
I’ll start my revolution depending on how badly
I need that piece of thing at the moment.


A-ha! That’s how we get got.



What you invest in brings returns,
both good and bad
Are you able to control yourself in the moment?
The moment is the fulcrum.
The moment determines how you are progressing.
It shows your inner thoughts externally.
In the face of frustration, disrespect or anger,
what is your response?
Is it appropriate?
Are you able to walk away?
Should you?
Or are you prone to outbursts?
Very rarely is that appropriate.


The problem with an outburst of negative emotion is many.
To list a few:

1. The human reflex pushes back against a negative reaction.
You get out what you put in.


2. It appears that you have lost control.
Indeed you have, so if this is appropriate it must be met with
strong follow up in that moment.
In a follow up you are best served by using reason,
showing the destructive ways by comparison to your solution.
It’s an opening to the discussion. A “here we go” moment.
The outburst may have served as a catalyst for a discussion
that would not have taken place.


3. It leaves those within earshot, more than those you were
directing the negative outburst at, with a lingering batch
of negativity to get past. It’s much longer than the actual event
that consumed your emotion. It hangs there for minutes
and sometimes far longer as a pall over the room.


Energy creates action

Good or bad.
Other posts of mine talk over the gift of your art
and of strong, productive energy.
I’ll leave that alone for now.
I’d like to confront the energy of the moment.

If you’re going to put energy into a situation,
isn’t the desired outcome supposed to be a good one?
You can invest in bad companies but the desired outcome
isn’t likely to be reached.
So likewise, if you’re going to invest energy in, invest wisely.

Be smart about your investment.
Consider the risks.
Past performance is no indication of future results.
Actually, you have far more to say about this investment
paying off than you do in another company in which
you have no say.

Your energy is green.
It’s a renewable source.
I’d say investing in your energy
is one of the best investments you can make.


Sometimes doesn’t encouragement
just sound stupid?

You can tell if it’s not real.
Valid attempt  – recognized.
Sometimes, though, it’s the one missing thing
that makes all the difference to a person.

That is what changing the world around you looks like in practice.
Which side of error would you prefer to live out?



“Nothing makes me want to eat like eating”


Said as my buddy and I are walking through a Costco
eating the free samples of food they give out.

Without realizing it, he stumbled on
the best marketing principle working today.
Live in it for a minute
Give people for free what they might like.
Let them try it.
Once you have any form of participation,
you have potentially earned the seed of of trust.
It’s a gift.

It’s likely that something in you will bring you closer
to that experience you were just given.
You may want to share it or get one for yourself.
By interacting with it, you have mentally pre-purchased. 

When an insurance agent offers to buy you a Starbucks
to get to know you, it’s not about the coffee.
Accept it and go or know it and say no.
Your connection to his offer it speaks to trust.
And your trust is what moves you to action.


Such a great statement is made when the obvious comes out to play.


Use the right precept – no manipulation
Is the focus on the product being a benefit –
considering the consumers point of view?
That is the question to ask yourself
on either the consumer or sales side of marketing.


Don’t bother me with things I don’t care about.
Marketing is not solely a numbers game.
Numbers without precepts lie.
Make it easy for me to see your point of view
and I will choose the experience.
It’s not the words,
it’s the experience that brings us back to the product.


We all know when we’re being sold to.
It’s just that, when it’s done with the right spirit,
we don’t mind one bit.


My son has some kids mouthwash.
Good I thought.
Breath is kickin’ in the morning!

So he’s gargling one morning.
After spitting it out he gives me a little uuugh.
I asked him what that meant.
He didn’t like the taste.
He asked me what is it that makes it taste that way.
I figured mint but it was beyond that.
I checked the ingredients list –
it said flavors – that’s it.
How obstinate is that?
Flavors is not an ingredient nor a taste just the same as red isn’t.

I’m switching brands.

Pffft, I can’t – that one had The Avengers on it.