Some food isn’t worth it


The problem with oysters

Why is this food for us?
For starters, it’s protected
by a super hard rock of a shell.
If we want at it,
we have to get by that.
To me, it’s clear we’re not supposed to.


There was a first time for somebody.
It wasn’t getting away quickly,
they had the hunger,
and they checked into it.
It had to be primitive times for people
to look at that and even
think about eating it.
It makes as much sense
to try to plant it or
clean the cave walls with it.


I’ll bet you didn’t know that
the babies are called oyster spat.
Even at their cutest stage
they’re named for an argument.

So ok, they eventually opened up this oyster.
How, I don’t know, but some way they did it.
They open a jewel box
not knowing what they’ll find.

There’s a tongue in there.
No eyes, no body, just a tongue.


Today we still have to work to get it open.
We even designed tools for this operation.
Rather than give up on a
bad tasting menu item,
we went deeper and built tools.


The thing is, it never
got better as a food.
Because it tastes so awful
we have to slam it
with lemon and hot sauce
just to change or kill
the taste it comes with.
And don’t chew it.
You don’t chew it.
Well, ok, the experts say
two or three chews.
That’s a select crowd though.
There’s a few of everything
in this world.


Connoisseur’s excluded, the idea is to
get it to go down your throat
as quickly as possible and that’s
the enjoyment of an oyster.
After all that, that’s as good as it gets.


It’s so bad that a sales tactic
is one that says if you eat them,
it gets you all horndogged
and in the mood.
Not many foods need that
to get people to even consider it.
Take the biggest urge man has
and attach that to a food.
Oh, and apparently there’s
good ones and bad ones.
I don’t know how to tell.
I haven’t tried jellyfish either
– I’m sure someone has.


If this is anything like what the
meat story is like to vegetarians,
I just now understand their choice.


I’m always looking
for ways to challenge
the standard answers

Mostly my willingness to think about
new ways to say things puts words
in my mouth that I don’t think about.
They just come out.
Like I’m on autopilot.


Here’s an exchange I had the other day.
I opened conversation by asking my friend
a real, but more generally perceived question
that I had the time for, as he joined me
at the restaurant booth for lunch.


“What’s happening?”
“Nothing.” He said, kinda hard.
“That can’t be true. Y’mean like
nothing right now or big picture nothing?”

He stopped, thought, then just laughed.

It must’ve broken the mindset
from what he was doing previously.
And with that we were right on track.


You can become
consumed so easily
by what you are not


You gravitate towards what you like,
to that which inspires you.
What catches your attention are things
being done by other people.
You look on in relative amazement
and take in the good of what you’re witnessing.


The drop

There comes a point when you have moved on,
back into the goings on of your day.
Still inspired, you set about doing something
for the betterment of your life.
You start to get back to thoughts
of your own plan which hasn’t come together,
is disorganized and needs so much more
than you have to give to it.

You are viewing your plan through the inspired eyes
of an artist who gave you the finished work
you have just seen and been moved by.

You’re really gonna do it this time.
You start doing something in your plan.
Then the redundancy of your struggle hits you.

Gone is the moment where you were juiced
and full of optimistic energy.
This is where many dreams start to wither.
Like a healthy juicing product, instead of
looking at the healthy drink you worked
to extract, you just see the green toxic colored
extreme looking liquid and all the extra skin,
peel and rind waste left for you to deal with.
And worse, you listen to the passers-by
as they share their thoughts about it.
It’s familiar in some fashion to us all.

The Rise

The thing is, the people you were just inspired by
had that to sort out too.
They pushed through.


Where is your roadblock?
What will you do to push through?
I can ask but you have to answer.
You have to know the moment
it needs answering.

Learn that software, study the art of your craft,
do the paperwork, design or hire or collaborate.
Define your steps.
Start figuring out what you need to do
in your very next step.
One step always stops people –
That step is different for everyone.
Is it a stop or a pause?
If you move past it, the step afterwards
can be made.
If you stop, you’re standing there
with nowhere but backwards to go.


Depend on yourself to either step
or find who can help you
with that single step you’re facing.
The steps after are consecutive, and momentum building.


Hey, you’re walking forward.
Moving. Doing it.
Life IS hard.
Stopping is harder.


This is your choice.
Push, and be pulled to get past the humps
but don’t stop.


Pushing through creates movement.
Movement creates more movement.



You said yes didn’t you?


I believe… I can fly

How do you do it?
I’ve talked with a few people about this
and it seems that they all have
a different way of controlling their flight.


For me, I control height by
how much air I keep in my lungs.
With a full set of lungs, I can go higher,
controlling my rate of ascent
by pointing my head upwards.
If I let air out of my lungs,
and look down, I sink
and control the rate of descent.
A lot like underwater,
except for the head thing.


I wonder if I would have the vision that
I have in dreams for what it looks like
to fly above everything,
and it’s relative size to the altitude,
if I had never had a
birds eye view for myself.


I wonder just how much
a dream is capable of


I posed the question in another post –
is it the brain or the soul that is doing
the design work of the dream?
The brain would be limited to it’s own
experience and imagination, wouldn’t it?
The soul?
What would that bring?
Who even knows.
How can dreams that come
true later be explained?
Especially if the circumstances were
far beyond your control.
Is the soul actually a part of the brain?
A part we can’t see?

I am in no hurry to leave this world
but I understand that we get some of these
kinds of answers when we do.

That’s gonna be a fun day once the business
of passing gets over with.

For now I like breathing.
Especially deep breaths.


They help me fly!



Art has become a polarizing word.
It’s misunderstood because
people are misunderstood.


Art, like life, is the process of starting with nothing
and ending with something

Art is so many things.
It can be be a painting, a song, a sculpture,
metal work, food, writing, clothing styles,
how your room/house looks, your hair,
your car, the way you speak, how you assist others,
teaching, how you sell or market, your craft, your job–
the list is incredible to become fully aware of.


There is no adequate synonym for art.
Much like your name becomes you.
You have to put yourself into your art
to find even it’s single difference.
That difference will resonate with some,
in the way that building a friendship does.


The thing to notice about art is that
it rarely comes out fully planned and
digestible to the mass public at it’s seed.
It takes the openness to receive the inspiration.
Next it takes the skill building to put it into being
using whatever medium you have chosen.
And finally it takes crafting to refine.
Throughout that process the seed grows
into a fully grasped, living thing.


You play a part but not the only part.
It’s you but it’s also not you.
You put yourself into it but it gives more than you.


It’s misunderstood because the piece
reflects the artist and is interpreted
by each individual with their own sense of style.
Each one different.
It’s the personality of the piece that gets picked apart,
in the same way people do to each other.


Many artistic people think their art isn’t as great
as others do because they process their work
by other people’s views and standards.
When you are in the midst of creating,
you are in your own world.
When you show it, you see it through the viewers eyes,
and you are more critical to the vulnerability of it.
As is the parallel of good relationships.


Those who are committed artists
know they have to work it through.
They are concerned with the process and
they understand more of themselves and
their place in the world in the pursuit of a finished piece.


And maybe most important to see
is that the process is art.

Every artist gets the seed but fewer follow it to completion.
Go through the creating and let it be what it is at that time.
It won’t be understood by everyone.
It’s not the same thing spit out over and over.
It’s new.
We have to dig in to find out about it – about us.

Art is misunderstood because it speaks to it’s uniqueness.
It’s hard to make something new.
It’s also hard to be you.
You are unlike anyone else.
Putting yourself into a piece ensures it’s uniqueness.
Finding the personality in others’ work
makes it different than any others like it.
Getting comfortable with that
is getting comfortable with yourself.

It’s all a working process.
Art is your life.



Prepare / Being Prepared


Submitting is the unknown key

Prepare – done by you.
Being Prepared – An outside force based upon what you are doing.


As I was spending time with a friend of mine,
he mentioned how he had a voice in the
back of his mind that had prompted him
towards his own venture.
He felt he was being readied for years for this.
He waited three years after feeling that tug,
which became persistent.
He mentioned that, in hindsight, had he moved
into a position of his own any earlier than he did,
he would not have been ready.
Once he made the announcement to leave,
there was not much surprise.
People knew he was ready because for years
he had demonstrated that practice.
It was an obvious move for him at that time.
His feeling about stepping out had not changed
in the waiting period.
He was still being prepared.
Even with all he was personally doing.

Preparing for something means that you are
learning, honing skills and practices
that you will use to move forward.
Being prepared means that you are
not the only person involved in your plan.
Submitting allows the outside forces to work with you.
It’s the intangibles you cannot control but only influence.

Almost nothing is done in a vacuum of
your own work with no input from others.
The rest is being prepared for a move that will be right.
Other people and other situations have to work out
for the pieces to fit together. It’s a tough one to write about
and explain because when all the parts
are there and fit together, there are many points
that lead you to the feeling that it is indeed right.
Feelings are tough to quantify.
But very real.

How do you know which house to buy, who to marry?
It’s a feeling that becomes the fact.
You have to be aware of the feeling and give it
the proper weight to decipher if the facts fit.


The next obstacle is fear.
If it comes in big enough to affect a decision away from
what you’re being prepared for, it isn’t right yet.
Fear is always lurking but fear that leads to insecure
and ultimately wrong decisions is a sure signal that
it’s not right yet.

When you’re ready and it’s right, you will move forward
almost without knowing you’re doing it.
It’s a logical next step.

Are you preparing for something in your life?
Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?
Are you using your talents and feeling rewarded by
what you get to do every day?

I’m afraid those that do are in the minority.
That’s what this tidbit is about.

There are more who are trying to get to the place
they want but don’t know how, than there are
people actually doing it.
There are more people yet, who don’t even care
to think about it, or who give up before
really trying to dig in and create their life of choice.
Usually those are the complainers,
those waiting to be discovered,
or those that feel that someone is holding them back.

But not you.

Being on the path of being prepared
is plenty gratifying all by itself.

So here’s a rundown as I see it:
1. What is it you love to do?
2. Are you doing that?
3. What can you do everyday towards doing that?

•Hint – do one little thing. It builds mindset, momentum, energy.
4. Don’t stop yourself if you don’t know the path yet.
The clarity and refinement will appear as you do it.
5. Tell people. People like to help and you may find that
you can get what you need to start.
Some call this networking. Others call it just being friendly.
6. When will you start?
7. GO.


That was my fault, wasn’t it?
Sorry kinda.


For years now I have said that when appropriate.
Just two words.
Nothing else.


I’m sorry.
I am, and I need to say it.
You should know, however, that what I’m apologizing for
in this way just isn’t that big a deal.
I’ll say it because doing so puts me in a position where
you can hear that I’m culpable
and taking responsibility but that I’m also gonna
take off the adversarial edge of what I did
allowing you to hear me when I diminish it a little.

You’ll hear it differently because you’re not used to it.

Plus it’s funny to me.


It’s so much easier when I can find a couple of words
to do the work of a couple of paragraphs.
I don’t do that as often as I’d like.
If you’ve talked with me you know that.






Can we have more creative conversatons?

Is conversation only sharing opinions?

One of the premier principles of improvisational acting
is that you go with whatever line is given to you –
you build on it.
From that point you give credit and credibility
to the actor you’re ad-libbing with.
In the TV show “Who’s line is it anyway?” have you ever
heard them oppose each other?
What comes from that is more fun to be around
because it’s collaborative and challenging.
The interaction gains momentum and feeds
off of the unexpected.
That’s where it’s interesting.

Isn’t that the same as in any every day conversation too?
I wonder if taking the other person’s position to start with
would bring better outcomes every day.
It doesn’t mean we are accepting their position in total,
it means, for that moment, a creative conversation
based on their position could be tried.
More often I hear somebody refuting
and changing the position.

Since the internet gave more people than ever a voice,
it seems that the influx of opinions are crowding us.
There are more influences than ever.
Many using less than positive means.
Fear and force is what many default to.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?
Of course, it doesn’t.
Consistency of character will be heard longer
and with more influence than a negative force.

If you try starting from the position of the person
you are talking with, you will almost have to get creative.
Try it even once in your day.
Start from somewhere your mind isn’t used to.
Don’t refute, go with it.
At that point a question is as close to refuting
as you would need to get.

Shake it up. It’s your day.
People aren’t convincing anybody with negativity,
it’s not that engaging in the long run.

Try something new.
Who’s Life is it anyway?
Go with it.




Computers are dumb.
But the first rule of
troubleshooting works


When we’re stuck in our routine
and we aren’t operating at our most efficient,
or totally stuck – reboot.
Power down and then start back up.
Clear the problems.
Getting a fresh outlook and distance
from the issue brings clarity and change.
That is to say, put things back in order –
defragment, optimize.




Global Warming is a real trigger–


Whose opinion engines are revving
with just the term thrown out there?
For now, It doesn’t matter what your position is on it.



If we’re having a discussion that matters,
especially when it’s about anything of hot topic controversy,
one with a headline term all it’s own,
be aware of what’s actually being discussed.
Know what is really happening between us.
Conversation is relation.
If you can’t get beyond the term and your stance
in order to have a discussion about the topic
then we won’t be having a discussion at all.


In a recent exchange, the topic was a shift in the temperatures
we are getting in the past number of years,
it’s specific effects locally and what it might change into the future.
There were statistics read, which was the impetus for the talk.
There was interest in what the warmer temps were doing
to the economy and to the flora and fauna.
That’s plenty for a discussion – what a certain region is experiencing.
Not globally, but right in that spot.
The discussion was not about why it is happening.
It was about what outdoor lovers love and how it affects them.


When a conversation shifts or gets hijacked
to the headline term and that only,
it becomes political and mob mentality
can take over.
It’s not a discussion at all, but rather, a diatribe.
There’s no thinking or relating, but instead it’s
the same thing that’s been said before.
The result is that it stops the discussion.
And guess what, you’ve just lost your ability
to influence me in any way towards what you
might feel strongly about.


When you’re in a conversation,
realize that it is a conversation.
Keep it to where there is a give and take.
Notice when we’re not talking about
what you think we’re talking about.
Please don’t get caught in the term
because it stops real discussion.
If you do this continually then I will have to
limit my time spent with you.
You are then only proving to be a one-way time soak.
I’m not in a sauna here.
I got better things to do than be
hit over the head with your opinion bat.