Read The Room

What’s really happening?
Right now.

There’s a tone to the surroundings and other people’s thoughts in operation.
How are people responding to each other, to you – it’s not too hard to tell when you’re looking for it.
In general and for the next six months of your future – do this:
Learn to read it.
It adds up to obvious.

Whose vision is being worked on?

If you and your perspective are a part of the team, you are working together on a
shared vision. You have a voice. If you are executing anothers vision, you need to be in alignment with that vision, at least enough to do your best work towards that goal.
Your input is valued, if not for the vision, then for your work towards it.
If there is little or no value given to you for your input on either vision or work, trouble is afoot. It’s a ticking clock before you will notice the damage. It’s sad too because a simple show of respect is so easy to do. It’s noticed when it’s real and from the heart. But if it’s contrived, reading the room will show it for what it really is. And it ain’t good.
Respect and being valued are in many ways more valuable than money.
Being valued, mind you, does show itself in monetary ways. There is appreciation to keep you that’s included in your compensation. But money is where many stop and to miss that there is more to the equation is to miss the point of value.
The ship you’re on might well be sinking.
Or you might be in a rowboat always trying to catch up. If you quit and change course now,
you might think, you’re stranded in the ocean while the ship pulls further out of sight.
Maybe you’re in the industry you love but the vessel you’ve chosen will strand you –
that’s the irony of dying of thirst while in an ocean surrounded by water you can’t drink.
Act while your choices are better rather than being unprepared due to lack of understanding of what’s happening around you.
Now is always your best time.
Look around you for a place to land. Island hopping is smaller – lateral moves.
Otherwise you have to row through a sea change.
If you are being valued, appreciate it. If not, change it.
Success of any measure involves frequent evaluation.
Reading the room means considering what you see and hear.
Things are way more obvious than most think.
Stay afloat.
Stay headed in the right direction.

Don’t Fool Yourself

Your pattern has you stuck

If you’re denying what’s obvious, you know it.
You know what’s right, what’s true.
How to act on it can be what stops you, but you do know.
Blaming others or putting responsibility on others for your situation, is ineffective, and weak. Sorry kinda, for the bluntness.
Staying in that mindset is going to get you nowhere past the current state.
Accept that it’s your life to run and you have choices to make that will take care of you. If a situation worked against you, your choice is in what you do next with that new knowledge. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me – you’ve heard it.
Taking responsibility by moving independently will by some be misinterpreted as disloyal, unfriendly. Their perspective may be unhealthy, or maybe they’re just looking out for their point of view and it conflicts with yours. The point is, if you are acting in healthy ways, there will be those who think you’re a jerk.
Talking about why someone else is keeping you down is only worthwhile to the extent that you’re convincing yourself of the events that occurred and realizing that you are being played. The person who gets caught cheating you will find a way to blame you or something else for their actions. It’s why they justified the action enough to do it in the first place. You have a direction to take when you know this.
If you take steps to better yourself, those reacting will say that you changed, or that you didn’t care enough about them to do something they think you should do. But that’s not how it works. You’re not living their life. You will never please everybody – You have to know it.
If it’s a trusted friend that makes a mistake, or you that made it – handle it honestly and with dignity. Maybe a little time away is good. But not fooling yourself will get back to what is real. If that friendship is a good one, it will get back on track and likely deepen from a speedbump.
Go for not fooling yourself.
Go for health and stability.
The benefits are beyond the immediate and are far-reaching.
One might even say generational.

Are you waiting to be picked?

Waiting to be wanted is a long wait

Being picked is being wanted.
Who picked the ones doing the picking?
Look around at your team. Is that the team you would choose?
What if you decided to want yourself on your team?
What if you would thrive in a different situation?
You can always look for another team.
We’re all free agents. Take action.

Learn so you can do

You can get knowledge through information but it’s not valued until it’s experienced.
It’s not fully experienced until it’s shared.
That is the circular evolution of choosing yourself – of action.
Sharing is others choosing themselves and having experiences alongside you.
Waiting is of value only when there’s action that isn’t ready yet.
Waiting is often an excuse.
What do you love? What do you want?
You’re only waiting for you – and you’re right there.
Why not choose one step of your very own plan today.
I mean it.
Take yourself seriously.
You will get ever better at your plan.
We need you.

Shaping Your Legacy Today

He found what was wrong with you.
Do you want that as your legacy?


I doubt it.
What foot did you start out on?
What you do and say counts for what you are to others.


What would happen if you decided to celebrate with people?
What if you were to encourage what you like and are moved by in other people – and told them so? This builds them up and connects.
What if you were to be excitable, even in small doses? And even if, to you, that means cracking a smile when you wouldn’t.


Unrealistic you say? That’s not me – too “pie in the sky.”
Ok, but I ask you – What will your legacy bring to mind in others?

What people will remember about you is how you affected them – today.


If you want to reshape something, you can start again with the next words you speak. Little bits of change add up to a lot of it. But you gotta know what you want to do, and do that.  We forget it when we start talking. Keep your thought in your mind and do something once a day towards your goal. Not a new concept. It’s repeated here because it gets forgotten so often. Nobody but you can affect this.


So what do you think your legacy is – will be?
It’s all you.


Does Your Idea Have Heart?

The best idea is nothing without heart

Energy comes from heart. Not from the idea.
A great idea planted where it can’t grow, will not.


Heart brings belief. Belief with heart convinces. Being convinced brings consideration. Consideration from being convinced leads to plans. Good plans include principles. Principles solidify and reinforce a good plan. Action resulting from the already begun momentum leads to more principled action that productively feeds itself.
Then back to heart.


Do you still believe in your idea?
If so, then it’s about to gain some forward motion.
Will it last? Check the life organ that pumps the energy.
Where it goes depends on the heart to action continuum.

Lost And Found


What does it mean to be lost?

Many things actually.
Do you remember as a kid when you were in a store and couldn’t find your mom or dad?
You had that moment of realization that you’re on your own without them – and what do you do now? We don’t get that scared anymore. We’re adults, we’re in such control.
But control is a double edge sword.

The alternative to being found is that the hidden/lost parts of you is the monster under the bed.

Being found means showing your true self to your people for them to notice.
The very thing we need is to be reliant on something bigger than us to be found by.
Be vulnerable to them and own up to what you do, what you believe, who you are.
Be found by your friends. Be found by your wife or husband, by your kids. By your faith, then by yourself. Refinement will form.
Let yourself be discovered by putting yourself honestly out there for your people.

It’s a relief and a comfort. Remember being found in that store.
That was a lifelong lesson.

Motivation is Pre-Op

photo above of Simon Sinek

Motivational Sayings

I see plastered all over the internet these small sayings we are so fond of.
They’re always taking new forms. These are tidbits of positive affirmation and inspiration.
I like them too – well, some of them.
The problem is they don’t really do what they hope to accomplish. They can’t.
They are good for setting a tone and mindset but I’m not sure they deliver any bridge building ability to get from where you are to where it suggests you’d like to be. They are bite sized morsels not specifically offering tangible help along the way.


Catch Phrases Are Travel Posters

They show destinations. They are like travel agents but they don’t tell you how to get to the airport and the right flight. You’re here and you want to go there. That process takes much more thought and planning. Gone are the days of the middleman used to make the sale.
Your trip was always up to you. At best we have guides.


The tidbits of daily inspiration can accomplish some good when strung together. Of great value are the tangible thoughts on how to actually get down the path described, even beyond the encouragement to do so. Isn’t that help – how to’s for becoming introspective, and to adjust the usual course of practices you’d like to change?


Thinking is hard, and is the first step but doing is where the change actually happens. There’s an industry dedicated to the motivation of mindset before any action of change even begins. The motivation industry we’ll call it. It includes Motivational Speakers as well as accredited Psychologists. The problem they all face is that at it’s best it is only motivation and presenting the offer to change through logic. There is no concrete, scientific ability such as the medical profession has to effect a before and after change through their hands. A Brain Surgeon is not a Psychologist. Psychology can allow you to be called a doctor but it is not the same science. Psychology endeavors to allow you, to bring you, into a position where you are the one doing the before and after change. You are the surgeon. They hand you the instruments and you make the cuts.


Motivation is the pre-op. It’s necessary.
Science can be overcome by the obstinate will.
A gastic bypass doesn’t scientifically guarantee that you will be thin the rest of your life.
You are out to change or bypass the otherwise intractable will.


In the end, you are the final salesman.
You to yourself.
When you get the sale, your mind and body are along for the ride.
It’s gonna happen.
What do you think of that?


It’s Always Something

Something is better than nothing –
a little is better than not at all

Something leads to something else.
In this regard something is everything.
It’s the principle of a little bit times a lot equals plenty.
Something multiplies to something bigger.
Nothing multiplies to nothing.
Something is better than you had the day before.
Nothing is the same.


Go fail a little. At worst, a little subtractive give back is what makes compromise possible.
That is seeking connection.
Making it two way communication is about seeking something for you both to connect to.


Something adds to and multiplies.
Nothing multiplied is still nothing.
Single drops of water eventually fill the bucket.


What are you going to do with your visions today?
Something, I hope.


How To Achieve Perfect Balance In Life

You cannot. It’s a flawed concept.

We’re human and we are so very tough on ourselves. Tougher yet on others.
Perfect and human don’t go together.


Balance is never completely achievable. To have perfect stability would mean no variance in either direction. We have trouble figuring out what the directions even are, much less on which side of them to maintain the proper amount of footing.


If you’re playing on a teeter totter, your balance shifts around the fulcrum – constantly. You are considered to be level when you rotate small degrees around that fulcrum. You aren’t in perfect balance though. In fact, it could be said that you aren’t in balance at all, and you are rather out of balance except for the flashes of moments when you pass slowly by the perfect amount of equilibrium. The term “in the balance” refers to things being uncertain. It appears that the line between in and out is ever changing and very thin.


Take that to your life and realize that the best you can do is keep up the energy for the action of staying on top, mostly in balance and not falling.
Balance, then, is not falling off.
The only times you are totally out of balance is when you are awaiting the effects of someone else’s input or when you aren’t on the plank.
Another’s weight of influence always has input to your balance.
That’s also why a teeter-totter is fun.


The action around the fulcrum is the fun of life. Cut yourself a bit of a break. If you touch the edges, remember that you need some other input to bring you back.
But it’s still forward momentum.


The Math Of Tendencies

I’m willing to accept something until logic no longer applies

Logic is a mathematical formulation.
I’m no math guy but it’s something to look for so things add up and balance.
The checkbook of life you might say.
Do you hear people denounce what the media or others say, on Facebook for instance, calling it extreme, yet they’re not too far from that position themselves? Maybe they’re to the same degree but in the opposite direction. We go along with it because we might want to accept what friends and acquaintances are telling us but often it doesn’t hold true.
The problem is that once we’ve bought the concept, we’ve bought the bit. Meaning that once we accept a position on a given topic, it becomes ours and we don’t easily discard things we mentally accept and have likely invested in. It’s too personal. We make decisions about ourselves with the collection of our positions. It’s who we think we are. So we continue to accept the same stance even though, if we were to be objective about it, there may be no logic to that take anymore.
Self-discipline is really difficult. Funny how it’s easy for people to see in others but not themselves. Objectivity isn’t a one way theory. Remember that your character is showing others who you are and they will eventually act accordingly.
Look at a person’s body of work, not pieces but more in it’s entirety. Look at the current disciplines and follow the logic line. You’ll never know what another person is thinking but you can view their tendencies – the results of their positions brought into action. It’s their tendencies that produce their collective results. Time will show what they know and/or what they do. Their series of choices get written to the last chapter.
Who are you talking to and dealing with? Not the remainder but the whole. Add it up. There’s a lot there but it seems to me that the goal is to get it to balance.