Friends For Life

Everybody has a central issue that
negatively affects their life

Most don’t even know it.
Do you?

Is it credit seeking?
Is it self-esteem, value?
Is it fairness or justice?

These are things that likely are deep-seated from childhood in most cases. There are also inherent genetic or chemical issues that have been developed by your make up. Maybe you’ve been around a poor influence for a long period of time and you got lost in that way of thinking.

Finding this out gives you the ability to address it and understand where problems can come from and then how to deal with them effectively.

It’s the hardest part of the entire equation because you are forced to realize that you are in fact, not good at something that is holding you back. That is never fun to admit. We all have that thing to admit though. That’s a part of being human.

What you do after acknowledging that you need work should come from a more healthy place. There is a level of submission to something you don’t fully understand. It softens the hard exterior that other people couldn’t relate to you through. What people see as vulnerable and in need of protection is actually the very thing that allows another to relate honestly with a person. This is what relationships are really all about.

There are people you know right now that you could be much better friends with. Something is missing and you’re not sure what it is.

What does being a friend look like?

Among other things it means not trying so hard to convince other people that you have all the answers. Your opinion may, in fact, be correct but if it costs relationship by brow-beating someone with whom you are in a conversation, you’ve won nothing. They are not more impressed by you. Allow people their thoughts too. You may come away with a new perspective.
That’s also called growth.

Some won’t put in the effort and their results will show it.
There are, however, many waiting for those of us willing to be a friend – to any degree. That means liking someone enough to listen.
Even at the gas station or quickly at the grocery store. From that comes the parts of your life that are about to get better. Having good friends will affect you in a much bigger than expected way – even one or two more.

It is statistically shown to lengthen life and reduce things like high blood pressure and stress. These aren’t things you think about but the results are in – making this effort as clinical and real as anything your doctor could prescribe.
This is for the benefit of your life.
The true, deep, honest and meaningful benefit of your life.

If asked, everyone would say that they want a good life, and as long as possible. That end goal is why the effort is needed now.

It’s worth it to know.
It’s worth it to fight through.
We all have it but not everyone has overcome it.

Are you able to question the kind of friend you are?
The quality of your life dares you to try.

The World Has Been Reset


There is no greater mountain in pro sports than the one the Cubs have just climbed to the top. After more than a century without a Championship, they had to get past the one way to win that was different from all other teams. They had to win in their collective minds first.

They found the ability to stay on top of negative thinking. Fear from negative thoughts leads to feeling the weight of that thought, which leads to improper focus which leads to mistakes. All of which would otherwise not happen. That’s what the curse did – allowed negative thought to dominate and creep in at the slightest hint of a problem.

From Curse To Cures

Manager Joe Madden spoke post-game about preparing them for the moments in crunch situations when it would turn bad – to stay calm and ride that out, then come back when they had the chance. They practiced it all season long, leading to the best record in all of baseball. The Cubs stayed motivated throughout those dips. They had leaders speak up at the right times to fill the air with the proper energy needed for each player to feed from. Most notably in Game 7, the biggest game in any of their lives.

They first off did not beat themselves.
That’s where the misdirection of a curse comes from.
You hear people who tell you that bad luck follows them around or that this is typical for my life – “that figures,” they say.
This can be refuted now.
The same letters that make up curse also include cures.

The formula was always there.
It’s there for you now.
When something turns bad, how you react to it is everything.

Let the Cubs winning the World Series reset you into a new model of thought, replacing any old thoughts that hold you back.

Yes, it’s experience and talent that must be there. Don’t stop your quest for more in the field you love.
Even if you are the best, without the proper foundation and belief leading to the right motivation, especially when it’s needed the most, you will always have yet another obstacle in your way – YOU.

Believe in yourself through the work you put in.
Do the work, believe that it’s going to workout.
There is no use for obstacles created by a lack of this principle.
There is no obstacle that can’t find it’s answer.

Baseball fans see how the sport mirrors life.
Let this biggest of sports obstacles lead you into the new world where curses are the stuff of fairy tales. Positive, repeated belief in the work you are doing is the process.

When times get tough and it’s hard to see straight, the way to remember this already has it’s own catch phrase: