How To Be Normal And Healthy - Dr. Bunk

How To Be Normal And Healthy

You Need An
Out Of Body Experience
To See Yourself


We want to move towards what’s normal and healthy.
Sometimes they seem like contradictions.


First establish what your normal is and what healthy is so you know what that looks like.
These can be online personality tests such as Myers/Briggs.
This can be done by introspection or understanding of your experiences.
How you see the world while at rest is unique to you.
You’re never done finding this out but to know yourself without pretenses is the goal.


How do you get to normal?
By believing in yourself.
By not acting on what others think.
Normal is not the average of what everybody does,
it’s what is your center, your default, You.


Belief is having confidence in something intangible, untouchable.
To believe, we have to get outside of ourselves – disconnect you from you for a moment.
We’re too logical and demand proof.
Spirituality and belief confuse us in that way.


How do you get to believe in yourself?
If belief is confidence in the intangible, you’re too close to yourself.
Get outside of yourself.


How do you get outside of yourself?
It always involves getting out of the way.
That’s a God / Spiritual thing.

Spirituality, Prayer, Meditation, Sweats all help us with out of body and mind type of practices that remove our self–doubt and unbalanced emotion and see things for what they really are, with more objectivity. It boosts our ability to get out of our head by bolstering our confidence in something bigger than us.

Belief in bigger, better things leads you to a more healthy way of thinking.
Define normal to you, seek healthy by moving outward.
Just as your body surrounds and pushes out toxins, so can you fill up with better and push out the unhealthy.


After that you just keep trying, forevermore.
Trying is normal and healthy.
So is not fooling yourself.