Guys generally don’t talk that much.
I do.

When I’m talking with those who don’t, the awareness that I’m talking too much
will inevitably kick in. I get convicted by the apparent one-way nature of how
I’m communicating in that moment with someone who is quiet.

At one point I’ll finish up with my little soliloquy and then sometimes I ask myself –
so what? In doing so I’ve learned something. It’s funny to me how communicating less
actually can communicate more.

I think I’ve been doing it all wrong.

The world is full of contradictions and oxymorons like that. As in deafening silence.
Talkers like me feel the need to say everything having to do with the subject in order to feel like they’re communicating effectively.
Don’t leave anything out or they won’t know, won’t understand. 

The trick seems to be in conveying the right info, the most relevant. Not all of it.

My blathering might be better kept inside my head.
Again – SO WHAT? If it doesn’t really matter, don’t say it.
Of course, then the conversation would miss the instant comebacks and never before
heard wit and wisdom my mind seems to find so valuable that I can’t shut up about it.

Yeah, but will it work?
That’s really the problem.
I can talk all big, like I’ve solved something in my head, but doing it?
Well yeah, that’s the only part of the rant that would matter.
Aaah, I have so far to go.
Shutting up doesn’t mean shutting down.


I’m not a writer in the classic sense.
I’m just one that writes.
I have a lot of thoughts.

Not all of my thoughts are good enough to leave my brain box but some of them make sense enough to me that I want to pass it onto my kids or my friends and see what they do with it.

This era has given a voice to people who have previously only had small circles.
I have thoughts and I have plans with this blog but I’m not really sure where it’s going to take me – or you for that matter. I just know that when I sit down to write things,
things keep coming out. They always have.

As a talker, The words come out unfiltered and I seem to practice what I’m trying to convey as I hear myself say it. When I write I get to go back and edit and make my point maybe just a little clearer. I am kind of a rant machine but I hope you find it interesting and even
a little insightful.

It’s supposed to be a life thing – a little introspection, a little laughing, a little relation building. A little way to get peace from anger. A little way to find contentment through
the many challenges we all face. It’s just my take and you can take my take, or leave it.
I’m not for everybody and I’m alright with that. But I hope to build a viewership with you
out of the thoughts that used to just bounce around between my ever-furrier ears.

Thanks for joining me whenever you do and I hope in someway my thoughts can join you.

… Or not.

Change For Productive Peace of Mind

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