Who am I…?

Meet Dr. Bunk
Hi there! I’m Dr. Bunk.
If change is a constant, being able
to handle it is a necessity for a peaceful life.
That’s the goal of this process blog.


A Process Blog is a continuing message that adds to your thoughts.
What you think is what becomes your actions.
It is from there that proper planning can start.
Proper from the beginning.
Thus able to thrive in a world of change.


My posts are about encouragement through subjective thinking,
interpretation of  things I notice,
and non-sequiturs called lighten up.
This all adds up to a process for handling
the things that come at you in life.
How you react is in your control.
Take two minutes out, three times a week
to think about what is offered for you here.
Read between the lines of your every day.
Pay attention to the subtext.
The benefits add up over time.


BTW, I dress impressively, wouldn’t you say?
It keeps people from asking about my degree.
I am Bunk!

…and you are what you think.

What do you have to say?

Change For Productive Peace of Mind

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