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Solve Your Own Problems

Solving your own problems is the best way to grow – the best way to know


We have arguably passed the information age by.
It moved from Industrial age to Information age and that quickly morphed into what’s termed the New Media era,  a temporary tag in my opinion, because whatever’s next will make the new old.
In any case, we have access to people who are good at what we need to know, anywhere they are and on our schedule. Amateurs to experts post the information for you. You can fix an appliance or do your own oil change, learn cooking, beer making, carpentry or architecture. You are limited solely by your interests and desire to know.


The steps of self-reliance are easier in this era


If the first action is to call somebody to handle the issue for things that can legitimately be done independently, realize that is it rarely more efficient. Further, its giving up the chance to grow.  The unintended consequence is wearing people out and getting no benefit.
In other words, being a user. People are willing to help only so far.
Delegating has it’s place to be certain, but only properly done and after being the example of one who gets things done. Delegate first to yourself instead.


Step number one in taking charge of your world and being a productive person is learning to count on yourself as far as you can. That’s the decision to DIY.


Step two is having the ability to figure out how to do what you don’t know how to do. Seek information. Google? You Tube, anyone?


Step three is knowing who best to hire for that which you don’t know and need a professional to do. Consider that you are paying them to learn something too. Such as using local handymen who make money with a side business because they are good at what they do. But professionals in the business are there for that very reason as well. Ask questions and seek some understanding, they’ll probably like sharing some of their professional knowledge with you.


Ancora Imparo


Don’t ever be done learning. Solving things feeds itself.
That eliminates the compulsion to overstate what we think we know in order to convince someone that we are something we aren’t.


Doing the work is the thing that is productive.
Talking about doing the work is pre-production.

What do you want to know how to do?