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Saving a Friendship in Traffic

Why isn’t this on the drivers test?

A DMV rule would sure clear things up.


There’s that semi-uncomfortable moment when you see somebody you know in traffic and they pull up alongside of you. You wave and acknowledge each other. Then one of you files back in the flow of traffic.


There’s trouble ahead. You may be about to look stoopid.


If you pull even with them again, do you purposely avoid looking at them? Isn’t that rude? Cuz otherwise what…do you do something goofy? What do you do?

You’ll start thinking about why you did what you did and have to figure out how to feel about it.
Not good!

This just happened to me and my friend.
He’s a goof. We are sprocketheads around each other.
I thought I knew him.
Turns out he’s smarter than me.


He decided to lay off. He put on the brakes, and tucked in behind me to avoid it altogether. Not at all what I thought he’d do.


I texted him that I was onto him and that he was smart for avoiding the moment. Either or likely both of us could have regretted what we would have come up with at the moment.
It may have saved the friendship.


Well what do you do?




There’s a lot of insecurity in vulnerability


To be vulnerable means to expose yourself, to be open.
It is the metaphor of standing onstage naked.
Stripped bare, you have nothing to hide behind.


People don’t like the feeling.
Either one.
So they avoid it.

By pushing through it:
  • your mistakes sharpen your focus
  • your insecurity begins to fade
  • your vulnerability moves into a refining stage
    • of your skills
    • of your craft
    • of your personality
  • you can find what’s really, uniquely, you
  • your honesty will separate you from the crowd
  • you let people know there’s only one you
  • Your life takes on new hope


That’s where connection happens.
That’s where careers are made.
That’s when you become content along your way.
You focus on productive things far more.


We’ll always have that voice in our heads,
telling us what we’re not.

It brings modesty if it stays small.
It’s debilitating if it gets big.


The fight to push through it gets better
each step along the way.
It’s always got tough spots.
That’s why pushing through is worth it –
because of the other end.

Be vulnerable.
Push yourself past it.