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Adult Taxonomy

How much of my time do you occupy?

It’s up to us to determine the proper balance in what we allow.
If we say yes to everything asked, they will continue to ask– and ask more.
If we say no to everything asked, we miss out on relationship.
Both are extremes and invite abdication.
Don’t move towards abuses of responsibility.
It’s our job to budget our time and place our priorities.
Often that means change.
Responsibility and Relationship are the categories.
Focus those.
That R&R focused is living well.

How To Achieve Perfect Balance In Life

You cannot. It’s a flawed concept.

We’re human and we are so very tough on ourselves. Tougher yet on others.
Perfect and human don’t go together.


Balance is never completely achievable. To have perfect stability would mean no variance in either direction. We have trouble figuring out what the directions even are, much less on which side of them to maintain the proper amount of footing.


If you’re playing on a teeter totter, your balance shifts around the fulcrum – constantly. You are considered to be level when you rotate small degrees around that fulcrum. You aren’t in perfect balance though. In fact, it could be said that you aren’t in balance at all, and you are rather out of balance except for the flashes of moments when you pass slowly by the perfect amount of equilibrium. The term “in the balance” refers to things being uncertain. It appears that the line between in and out is ever changing and very thin.


Take that to your life and realize that the best you can do is keep up the energy for the action of staying on top, mostly in balance and not falling.
Balance, then, is not falling off.
The only times you are totally out of balance is when you are awaiting the effects of someone else’s input or when you aren’t on the plank.
Another’s weight of influence always has input to your balance.
That’s also why a teeter-totter is fun.


The action around the fulcrum is the fun of life. Cut yourself a bit of a break. If you touch the edges, remember that you need some other input to bring you back.
But it’s still forward momentum.


The Math Of Tendencies

I’m willing to accept something until logic no longer applies

Logic is a mathematical formulation.
I’m no math guy but it’s something to look for so things add up and balance.
The checkbook of life you might say.
Do you hear people denounce what the media or others say, on Facebook for instance, calling it extreme, yet they’re not too far from that position themselves? Maybe they’re to the same degree but in the opposite direction. We go along with it because we might want to accept what friends and acquaintances are telling us but often it doesn’t hold true.
The problem is that once we’ve bought the concept, we’ve bought the bit. Meaning that once we accept a position on a given topic, it becomes ours and we don’t easily discard things we mentally accept and have likely invested in. It’s too personal. We make decisions about ourselves with the collection of our positions. It’s who we think we are. So we continue to accept the same stance even though, if we were to be objective about it, there may be no logic to that take anymore.
Self-discipline is really difficult. Funny how it’s easy for people to see in others but not themselves. Objectivity isn’t a one way theory. Remember that your character is showing others who you are and they will eventually act accordingly.
Look at a person’s body of work, not pieces but more in it’s entirety. Look at the current disciplines and follow the logic line. You’ll never know what another person is thinking but you can view their tendencies – the results of their positions brought into action. It’s their tendencies that produce their collective results. Time will show what they know and/or what they do. Their series of choices get written to the last chapter.
Who are you talking to and dealing with? Not the remainder but the whole. Add it up. There’s a lot there but it seems to me that the goal is to get it to balance.

Being Productive In Spite Of Yourself

You’re not what you think you are.
But, also you’re totally what you think you are


It’s interesting to hear what people think. You may be surprised by the perception of you.
Of course, what other people think about you is none of your business. Not being pinned by other opinions of you keeps you moving forward and not stuck in the mire of issue.


To one right brained spontaneous creative, you are so organized.
To a left brained methodical organizer, you’re so creative.
To one who is intuitive, you are so grounded in reality.
To one using their senses for information on the world around them, it’s incredible how you can see and understand what isn’t there yet.


You’ve probably worked to balance your tendencies out.
Then some inefficiency shows up and you kinda beat yourself up about it.
“I should be better at…” Good enough isn’t a mantra of those trying to achieve.
Yeah, true, but it’s going against your nature.


You may need to cut yourself a break and realize that it’s not your strong suit.
In other words, admit that you’re not what you thought you were, in order to move on.
Realizing it and calling yourself out in that which you had a pride over is tough but after all was done, it kept you from struggling to maintain against your natural tendencies.


For me, the next time I need to get after that task that triggered all this, like being more
organized, I am ready cuz I don’t have to do all the extra work of feeling bad first. I just get to it. Funny, it gets done then. No extra mental weight.
Sure, a more organized person would have done it to the 9’s, better than I would – but I did get it done. It won’t be perfect. Perfect isn’t necessary.
There is no need to hold yourself to a standard created in your own mind –
an extraordinarily high one that is unnecessarily above competence at the expense of moving forward.
Holding yourself to something against your nature slows you down because you get dragged down by it.


So what if I’m not perfectly organized. I am organized. I can do better, and I will, in spurts.
I’d rather hit my natural tendency to spend more time creating.
But that’s me.
Things fit into boxes so neatly.
That is a left brained creation.
Experiencing new things is a creative expression.
If you’re exactly the opposite in your tendencies, the same thought still applies.


Cut yourself a break to get on with it.


Attraction Reaction

We are all polarizing creatures

Opposites Attract

It’s funny how often the opposites are true. I reference many opposites in my posts.
It shows the polarity of life and how closely connected we actually are to two differing sides. Slight differences can either separate or make things more interesting. Why do most marry someone so different than themselves, especially given that it’s for life?
We can choose either side of an issue, the positive or the negative. They both have great force. One attracts and one repels. You need both to make either work. We get  caught up in only one direction, giving no respect to it’s opposite. Yet it’s opposite makes our direction possible, if not equally able to be fully appreciated.
We try to attract what we want, often unaware of how. If everything were to attract, we would end up also getting what we don’t want. There is the ability to have too much of a good thing. We have to repel sometimes.

Attracting the force we want

We attract the positive, productive force by throwing away the unwanted, or that which derails us, and even further by giving away some excess good we attain. It feels good to give, and that helps us moderate our portions for balance and stay on goal.
Gathering to excess can often bring about the worst behavior in ourselves.
It’s not an abundance mentality. It’s storing from scarcity.
Decide where the line is, but seek a balance to gain stability.
There is no good without bad.
There is no big without little.
There is no success without failure.
The world is not just the depth of one direction but the whole of it’s opposite included.
We are magnetic, electric.
There are fields of study to study our fields.
We are always choosing the polarity of any given situation.
Attract or repel?
Your choices determine your field and level of attraction.