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The Awareness Cycle – Noticing without Judging

You can’t help but notice

You’re driving in traffic, then you stop at a stop light.
As cars going other directions pass by you, people actually turn their heads a bit to keep looking at you. I suppose we all do this.
I wonder about what I’ve seen in these split seconds seeing a face or a look. I glimpse into all these different people’s lives as they turn the pages for me in a drive-by.
There is information available about a person at first sight. It may be wrong or accurate, you don’t know, but it gives you a first thought.
You start with thoughts on them but quickly it turns to what you think. You get into your opinions and either reinforce or refute what went through your head.

I’m not saying to judge it

We look, we become aware of it. We think about it.
Noticing is not judging.
Bringing up an opinion you have for consideration is not judging either.
There is a distinction.
It’s open for information.
Judging is placing your opinion on someone else.
Having a closely held opinion or belief is a personal decision that you alone can mold, whereas judging is insisting that your values be in place in others lives – dangerous territory.
This is separate from laws under which we all maintain civility, mind you.
We take in what we see everywhere we go.
Noticing is step one, judging is step four.
Is this why people shop where they do – aligning with a particular store over a competitor, because “my kind of people” shop there?
The same with brands we use.
Are we making evaluations of our associations in the marketplace over other reasons?
I propose that we are more often than we think.
There are several factors but many will pay more to shop at one store simply because they want to be seen there and not seen at the other store.
Does this approach carry into other areas of relationships?
This creeps into judgement territory.
Fitting in is a double-edged sword that extends beyond high school.
Aside from the moral complications, it’s too much drama that’s allowed in.
I want to be active in the first three steps but I don’t want to live in step four.
I do the same thing at Wal-Mart that I do when the car passes me or when I’m stopped at an intersection – I look, I probably turn my head a little, sometimes I just say wow.
Saying wow is step three. If it becomes step four, its time to back up.
Step 1 – Notice
Step 2 – Process what information we have.
Step 3 – Consider your opinions, shape them into beliefs.
Step 4 – Judging
ooh, squirrel! – there’s something else to notice.

Does Your Idea Have Heart?

The best idea is nothing without heart

Energy comes from heart. Not from the idea.
A great idea planted where it can’t grow, will not.


Heart brings belief. Belief with heart convinces. Being convinced brings consideration. Consideration from being convinced leads to plans. Good plans include principles. Principles solidify and reinforce a good plan. Action resulting from the already begun momentum leads to more principled action that productively feeds itself.
Then back to heart.


Do you still believe in your idea?
If so, then it’s about to gain some forward motion.
Will it last? Check the life organ that pumps the energy.
Where it goes depends on the heart to action continuum.

Accepting The Question

Do questions open your mind,
or close it?

Accepting someone doesn’t mean giving up your ideals to them.
It means getting along with them.
People’s ideals are their world view. Their perfect scenario.
Knowing that there is no “perfect” leads me to more questions.
It’s up to every individual to make up their own mind.


Hate, or something like it, usually comes from ignorance, from not thinking.
It comes from holding so tightly to an ideal that you cannot even question it.
I’m not proposing that we shouldn’t have ideals. Nor am I saying we shouldn’t stand strong on our belief. I’m proposing that we think about them, question why we believe what we do – and possibly realize that we may never totally get there. That would allow for respect of another’s ideals at least enough to get along with them.


A Belief in Question
A belief has its roots in the question. And science has roots in fact.
You may question someone else’s facts. But they are theirs.
Accepting someone can only broaden your perspective, especially if it challenges it.
It makes you ask questions; in both getting to know them, and in understanding
how to explain what you believe.


Questions both shape and reinforce your beliefs.
If you can get out of your own way enough to ask them.


It’s one of the rare instances where not having the answer brings you clarity.
Accept the question and go forward.



I’m probably not as smart as you.


I don’t mean that to be all self-effacing.
People who read blogs of this kind
are usually seeking insight, knowledge or inspiration.
I know some things, did well in school,
but I am always surprised
by what I don’t know or forgot.


The more you know, the more you know you don’t know
Or stated more optimistically –
The more you know, the more you know there is to know.
My inner circle of friends are all smarter than I am.
I say that honestly.
Meaning in some areas over which we relate,
they have more knowledge that I do.
That’s how I gain knowledge, in part.
I study and put in the work and also hang with people
who are smart in the areas that interest me.
That’s jumping into the field, as I see it.


I was listening to the Dennis Miller radio show
and he was especially on this day.
I thought – there is a guy I’d love to hang with
but just wouldn’t be able to on an even level.
He uses words more better than me do.
I would be too aware of what I don’t know around him
and trying too hard to be funny doesn’t work.


So isn’t that the thing?
Who cares about all that?
I enjoy listening to his bon mot.
Some don’t.
Don’t be impressed, I had to find that word.
A good one though, ay? It means witticism, a clever remark.
I’ll bet Dennis Miller knows it and has used it before.


We get so wrapped up in what we’re not
that it gets in the way of what we are.
The best people for me to be around are those that
don’t care what anybody else thinks of them.
Or at least they act like it.
They live the saying I am so fond of –
What other people think of me is none of my business.
They go about their lives with the same doubts internally
as I’m talking about here but they don’t give in to them.
They accept them.
To a large degree they have battled with that unwinnable war
and settled themselves to be who they are.


Acceptance leads you forward
Their decision was made.
What they were doing was gonna happen.
They didn’t allow the small voice of doubt
to have any say in what their bigger mind was doing.
It allows you to step onstage, to push forward into the unknown.
Being smart is a proper goal but has less to do with it.
Many smart people cave to their fears or cannot control their behavior.
Peace with the opposition in you is the action to study.


Shape your thoughts first.
That starts to change what you tell yourself, then what you believe.
With belief, you can decide to do something you thought too tough.
That is when you will watch things happen and be amazed at what you did.
You might have never thought you could see it like this
but it’s gradual and inevitable once you decide to step into it.
It really is the only choice.