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Friends For Life

Everybody has a central issue that
negatively affects their life

Most don’t even know it.
Do you?

Is it credit seeking?
Is it self-esteem, value?
Is it fairness or justice?

These are things that likely are deep-seated from childhood in most cases. There are also inherent genetic or chemical issues that have been developed by your make up. Maybe you’ve been around a poor influence for a long period of time and you got lost in that way of thinking.

Finding this out gives you the ability to address it and understand where problems can come from and then how to deal with them effectively.

It’s the hardest part of the entire equation because you are forced to realize that you are in fact, not good at something that is holding you back. That is never fun to admit. We all have that thing to admit though. That’s a part of being human.

What you do after acknowledging that you need work should come from a more healthy place. There is a level of submission to something you don’t fully understand. It softens the hard exterior that other people couldn’t relate to you through. What people see as vulnerable and in need of protection is actually the very thing that allows another to relate honestly with a person. This is what relationships are really all about.

There are people you know right now that you could be much better friends with. Something is missing and you’re not sure what it is.

What does being a friend look like?

Among other things it means not trying so hard to convince other people that you have all the answers. Your opinion may, in fact, be correct but if it costs relationship by brow-beating someone with whom you are in a conversation, you’ve won nothing. They are not more impressed by you. Allow people their thoughts too. You may come away with a new perspective.
That’s also called growth.

Some won’t put in the effort and their results will show it.
There are, however, many waiting for those of us willing to be a friend – to any degree. That means liking someone enough to listen.
Even at the gas station or quickly at the grocery store. From that comes the parts of your life that are about to get better. Having good friends will affect you in a much bigger than expected way – even one or two more.

It is statistically shown to lengthen life and reduce things like high blood pressure and stress. These aren’t things you think about but the results are in – making this effort as clinical and real as anything your doctor could prescribe.
This is for the benefit of your life.
The true, deep, honest and meaningful benefit of your life.

If asked, everyone would say that they want a good life, and as long as possible. That end goal is why the effort is needed now.

It’s worth it to know.
It’s worth it to fight through.
We all have it but not everyone has overcome it.

Are you able to question the kind of friend you are?
The quality of your life dares you to try.


“Nothing makes me want to eat like eating”


Said as my buddy and I are walking through a Costco
eating the free samples of food they give out.

Without realizing it, he stumbled on
the best marketing principle working today.
Live in it for a minute
Give people for free what they might like.
Let them try it.
Once you have any form of participation,
you have potentially earned the seed of of trust.
It’s a gift.

It’s likely that something in you will bring you closer
to that experience you were just given.
You may want to share it or get one for yourself.
By interacting with it, you have mentally pre-purchased. 

When an insurance agent offers to buy you a Starbucks
to get to know you, it’s not about the coffee.
Accept it and go or know it and say no.
Your connection to his offer it speaks to trust.
And your trust is what moves you to action.


Such a great statement is made when the obvious comes out to play.


Use the right precept – no manipulation
Is the focus on the product being a benefit –
considering the consumers point of view?
That is the question to ask yourself
on either the consumer or sales side of marketing.


Don’t bother me with things I don’t care about.
Marketing is not solely a numbers game.
Numbers without precepts lie.
Make it easy for me to see your point of view
and I will choose the experience.
It’s not the words,
it’s the experience that brings us back to the product.


We all know when we’re being sold to.
It’s just that, when it’s done with the right spirit,
we don’t mind one bit.


Uniqueness pushes the status-quo
The internet has made this available for all to see.
There is only so much shelf space for product.
But plenty of room for a new idea.


When you have a product in the marketplace,
the wrong question to ask yourself is –
are you better than the other products.
It is assumed that you are charging towards your best.
How your story sits with people will determine
whether they think your product is worthwhile.


If you are meeting the quality standard, the better question then is
are you offering something beneficially different than the other products?
Continual pursuit of excellence works over time.
It requires great amounts of energy.
It’s why new products always have that fiery passion.


The best new ideas start with being beneficially different and containing the truth of you.
By the way, you are the product.



There’s always one.
Whiners whine.
They don’t realize there is another way, I guess.

Whiners are people who try making their problems yours to handle.
Their problems are manufactured by what they will not do.
It’s grinding to be near.
There is a constant stream of helplessness in a new situation,
and new = bad.

There is a crisis when a problem is encountered, when things don’t go as expected,
and when perfection is not reached.
Problems are an every day occurrence.
Yet, somehow people always seem to kick in and help the whiner.
The whiner gets upset because they overprice the doubt we all feel
when we don’t know how to fix something at that moment.
Rather than try, or learn, their inability to control their emotional state,
combined with a minor panic, leads them to the repeating pattern
of getting others to fix their problem so they can get back to their
safety float zone inside the buoys.

I’m not talking about training in a job, I’m talking about a way of life.
They’re surrounded by their bad choices.
They are usually victims and they usually wonder why this is happening to them.
Every job has at least one, and often more, to varying degrees.

The Value In Not Helping

I’ve spent years thinking that I was helping these people by helping these people.
It has ended up where at one point they get mad at you for not properly fixing their issue
the way they thought it should be fixed. If a different issue arises because of your changes,
you will be held in contempt for doing things that created the problem.

Stay as far away from the inside game of these individuals as you can.
You cannot win.
Do what you must and move away.
Save yourself from the I can’t brigade.

The best way they could solve their own problems is if they run out of help.

You and your services are not for everyone.
That too is a way of thinking.
You can only be of benefit to those who are seeking the benefit.

Value yourself enough to realize who can benefit from an interaction with you.
A good interaction is when you benefit from them as well. That is what works best.
Even works of charity, when well received, allows you to gain from the interaction.
I can learn from every person but I’d rather learn things of value
rather than learning what not to do.
While there is value in noticing what not to do, it’s mostly draining.

The truth is, their choice isn’t I can’t , it’s I won’t.
Fix your mind to be set apart from the whiner.
When you tell yourself I can and I will, you surprisingly find a way.
It’s passing the speedbumps on the way to finding the answers
that fills our lives with renewed wonder and confidence to move towards new things.

I don’t say whine, I say whine not.