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There’s A Bison In The Room

Yeah, elephants are bigger
but a Bison confuses me more

Looking at an Elephant, you’re sure they’re thinking about what’s going on around them. A Bison? More like a cow when you look at it. Not sure what’s really going on in there. Is it fine or will it charge you? It does have horns and is of formidable size.

The Bison replaces the elephant as the misunderstood problem obvious to all who choose to look. Big and full of unknowns. The underlying problem is that nobody is saying anything about it. Calling it is where the solution begins.

Acknowledge the Bison in your room

What’s going on inside your head shouldn’t be as big a mystery as it might appear.
Name it so you can deal with it later.

If it brings you to a point where you can’t handle it then just absorb it. Let it be acknowledged and felt enough to encourage the change that will come later from dealing with it.
But do deal with it.

Dealing with it looks like this:
1. Know what IT is. Say it out loud to yourself.
2. Let it be and then come back to it, so it has some perspective without the irrationality of the emotion you bring in the moment.
3. Set it down at the feet of your beliefs – meaning put it out of your responsibility to handle for the time being. It’s bigger than you and so will the solve be.
Don’t worry about it’s solution just yet.
4. Get back to thinking through it when the answers start to emerge.

It’s likely that you could tell your friends what to do if this was their situation laid out in front of you. You have a knowledge inside of you of what’s best. You know a good path full of productive change when you’re in it. You do! Calling out the issue and letting it be removes the weight and pressure of making a decision under duress. Duress leads to bad decisions.

Name it, let it be, come back to it and repeat until it comes to you – it will. We’re such an immediate culture. Things take the time they take, so let them.

With a clear mind, taking the mud of emotion out, you see it with new resolve, with new solve.
There’s a strength in realizing that your best can come out when you aren’t getting in your own way. Give it up to get it back.

The best way through is to renew.