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I watched a scene develop right in front of me.
At my boy’s Karate class, a kid came out of the class
to the desk at the back of the room to set his glasses
on a table. Then he turned to quickly get back to class
and immediately ran square into a large post.

Well that actually didn’t happen but it made me laugh
as it was playing out imagining it as if it did.
So then I’m the guy laughing at nothing out loud
while nothing funny is happening around me.
I got looks.

My friend heard this and it reminded him of a time he and his wife
were watching TV on the couch together.
A commercial for “The Biggest Loser” was on
and there was this large girl with glasses crying to Jillian Michaels.
Jillian asked the girl in a most heartfelt way, “Do you want to change?”
The girl, stuttering through her tears gulped, “Yes.”
Jillian Michaels asks, “What do you want to change?”
At this point my buddy’s wife blurts out, “I want new glasses.”

Properly placed, the outburst is a gift even if it’s inside your own head.
Even a misunderstood laugh works like a laugh should.