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goiG’s Contracted Water


My corporate identity.

They treated me like a number and so I acted like one.
I worked 3rd shift – all night long.
It’s my relationship to the movie Office Space.


In the office at the front desk the plants were dying.  Me and my fellow number identifiers left a note that we watered them so they wouldn’t get either none or too much from 1st shift.
That led to a corporate memo saying that we have a contract with a company who comes in and waters them so we aren’t allowed to.


My next note to 1st shift had one of the plant stems acting as an arm, holding a pen next to a sticky note that read “Feed me – signed, the plant.”


Another corporate memo and a mini breakdown from the receptionist.


goiG and his fellow co-workers were the problem here.
The work we were there to do? That was done properly and on time. That was boring enough. But this level of nutty was more than a person can reasonably be expected not to react to.
It was as reactive in it’s direction as the over-reaching stupidity of a corporate control mechanism designed to keep the minions in their place was.
My corporate number was 9016, but I was known as goiG.

Because I love these so much, feel free to post any of your “Office Space” moments in the comments section below.