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Living In The First Draft

It seems to me that most people live in the world of the first draft.
While this is full of excitement and raw creativity, it is also the frustrating feeling of unfinished business.


We like to feel good about our completed projects. In the process however, our feelings of inadequacy get the better of us.
We measure our progress against other completed work.


But something amazing happens as you put more time in to it.
It gets better. And as it gets better you feel better about it. All of a sudden you’re back to the somebody you envisioned yourself as.


Most of living is the first draft

The things that you really put your attention to will make it to the edit phase, and continue on to your completed projects. Your completed projects take a lot of work and should be among your best representations of you.


Of course you know all that.
A question that’s harder to ask yourself is one like this:
Of all your works – whether a Facebook post, what you do for work, any art you create for fun, how you parent your kids, what you cook, all or any of the variations of creations in your world –
what attention is paid to them being a showcase of you for others to take in?


This is YOU! At least it is to all of us looking. If it’s not, it’s your own representation of yourself that needs more looking into.


Creativity is at play – enjoy it.
Build ever better first drafts.
They make for better completed works.
It’s the majority of the day that is the first draft.


The Junker In My Life

Is Your Car You?

I’m hanging out with a friend who drives this wonderfully junky car.
Of course it’s got a name, and it should.
This person, I think, is maybe a little embarrassed by the car.
I guess I’m not sure but there’s usually some tone approaching apology about the car from them. Mostly, they don’t care that much.
Here’s the thing though, they live a life that most of us would like to be living.
They’re free to create, and they do. They’re surrounded by their fun choices, their works of art – which are many and in many forms. They live a rich life with many well developed relationships. They walk around town saying hi to people and engaging with people and laughing and having a good time. They’re not playing the game that often starts early in life with a car payment and keeping up with what others have.
Would they like to have a new car? Sure they would.
Would they be this way if they had money and were busy keeping up with the Joneses?
Maybe a little but almost certainly they would not be as engaged in the benefits of care-free living if they had increasingly more to lose. The pressure to keep it can often outweigh the acceptance of their current level.
We’ve all got some struggles, but I’ll take their happier life and a crappy car.
One day you can upgrade to a better car.
Finding the way to make that metaphorical, to be living the concept, is the pursuit.
How far along in life are we gonna get before we realize that a certain behavior is too deep seeded to change now?
How far along in life are we gonna get before we put the priority on the things that really matter?
It’s always such a contradiction that what we seek isn’t best for us to actually reach.
It’s the process that makes us.
Always having something to reach for, to better ourselves, is the value.
Reaching goals means you get to set new ones.
Should we keep fixing up this junker?
We’re all broken to some degree.
Even a new car has flaws.

Finishing Passion


Nobody will care about your passions quite as much as you

That’s at the heart of why great teams work.
It’s shared passion multiplied.

But before we can get it out to others, we have work to do ourselves. Our challenges are in more than just the project and it’s obstacles. There is the internal processing that moves or halts us. We’re all subject to it.

We can’t expect people to be as excited about what we’re doing as we are. This doesn’t have to be a let down. Getting your project, product, or idea to a more complete state is the first chance to get the experience to the user. We get all the benefits of seeing it come together along the way. We are among the few who could appreciate that. Passion leads to the formation of something great. Once something great is created, only then can someone else appreciate it with the sort of enthusiasm you had for its creation. Before that, an incomplete vision is hard to experience.

This seems obvious, and it is, but for all the ideas out there, for all the projects started, and good ones too, how many got to the point where we could use them?
Why was the obstacle bigger than the pursuit?
Let passion drive you to finish.

Before long you have a completed body of work for others to see.
Finish and move to the next one.
Putting things of value into the world outlives you and is a benefit to your days.
Thank you for doing work you have a spirit for. It lifts us all.

What are you going to do to bring it one step closer to being done today?


Stop trying to reach that goal


If you strive for the unattainable you will
only be stressed out and unfinished.
Instead, try to find the art in what you do.
Does that weird you out?
Try creating something out of the routine.
Art is defined by it’s imperfections

So it goes that if there is no perfect that we can make,
then the next step that we can achieve is art.
It’s uniquely human.
Art means being able to think for yourself,
to be as good as you can until you say you’re done.
It means to do things in your own way.

We get the rules preached so often.
The have-to’s.
From early childhood, all through school,
and through our work life.
Here’s what you do” is the rule.

Point > Counterpoint

The counterpoint is that you must have rules for
the mainstream to follow to make the baseline work.
Fine, got it.
Once that is established,
and you can deliver the expected results,
then dare to be yourself.

Be better than the rule.
Question. Redefine. Have fun by creating.
Don’t concern yourself with perfect.
Concern yourself with creativity and productiveness and relationships.
Those are attainable, pliable and ever evolving.
They are endless to the point that they outlive you.

It’s more fun to work on being you than it is
to work on someone else’s idea of you.

Don’t be bound by perfect, there is no perfect.



I’m not asking if you’re creative or artistic.
Creation is what produces any result of good living.

Did you create a good meal?
Did you create a concept that took hold with someone,
or a new take on an existing concept?
What did your week consist of?

I’m asking you to think about it.
You are creative whether you think so or not.

When you look at what you did make, you feel pretty damn good about it.
Live there for a bit by realizing what it is that you did.
You started with nothing and ended with something.

You affected people this week.
I hope you found something that people smiled with you about
because that made for a small connection.
That is living well.

Forget the things for the moment that are wrong and that we all so easily
get wrapped up in disagreeing with.
Somewhere in your week, you felt good. Somewhere you connected.
Feel that again by memory.
Go do that sort of thing again. Then again. More, again.
Small bits make for bigger moments.
Moments make up a life.