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Negativity’s Running Mate

Negativity will show itself to be your fear.
Rather than building with encouragement, we see far too many examples where other peoples weakness is the topic.

We can ask – were we made stronger for exposing our fear of connection, our fear of being real?
It is not our best self.

So we should not engage with those operating in that manner other than to assist in stating another method of thought.
They are showing how afraid they are.

That is noticeable.
That helps little to nothing.

Let’s not be controlled by our fear.
Get busy doing what you love and fear subsides.

When you find out that you are afraid of something, an irrational fear, you owe it to yourself to face up to it.

Fear is a weight you feel and have to name before you can unload it.
Call it out to yourself and move forward.

Fear in Wait

Comfort kills us.
We are paid just enough to be comfortable.
Of course, our version of a comfortable lifestyle is relative to our pay.
Comfort lacks desire and drive and ambition.
Ambition has dealt with fear and keeps it in it’s proper place where it can be used by you. Fear is a user. In correct doses, it’s a motivator.
The comfort hidden in waiting keeps a dream from happening.
What is your dream?
Acknowledge your fear the same way you would your dream and put both in the position of working for you.
How long will you wait – until you’re let go?
When you have to, is when you do.


Prepare / Being Prepared


Submitting is the unknown key

Prepare – done by you.
Being Prepared – An outside force based upon what you are doing.


As I was spending time with a friend of mine,
he mentioned how he had a voice in the
back of his mind that had prompted him
towards his own venture.
He felt he was being readied for years for this.
He waited three years after feeling that tug,
which became persistent.
He mentioned that, in hindsight, had he moved
into a position of his own any earlier than he did,
he would not have been ready.
Once he made the announcement to leave,
there was not much surprise.
People knew he was ready because for years
he had demonstrated that practice.
It was an obvious move for him at that time.
His feeling about stepping out had not changed
in the waiting period.
He was still being prepared.
Even with all he was personally doing.

Preparing for something means that you are
learning, honing skills and practices
that you will use to move forward.
Being prepared means that you are
not the only person involved in your plan.
Submitting allows the outside forces to work with you.
It’s the intangibles you cannot control but only influence.

Almost nothing is done in a vacuum of
your own work with no input from others.
The rest is being prepared for a move that will be right.
Other people and other situations have to work out
for the pieces to fit together. It’s a tough one to write about
and explain because when all the parts
are there and fit together, there are many points
that lead you to the feeling that it is indeed right.
Feelings are tough to quantify.
But very real.

How do you know which house to buy, who to marry?
It’s a feeling that becomes the fact.
You have to be aware of the feeling and give it
the proper weight to decipher if the facts fit.


The next obstacle is fear.
If it comes in big enough to affect a decision away from
what you’re being prepared for, it isn’t right yet.
Fear is always lurking but fear that leads to insecure
and ultimately wrong decisions is a sure signal that
it’s not right yet.

When you’re ready and it’s right, you will move forward
almost without knowing you’re doing it.
It’s a logical next step.

Are you preparing for something in your life?
Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?
Are you using your talents and feeling rewarded by
what you get to do every day?

I’m afraid those that do are in the minority.
That’s what this tidbit is about.

There are more who are trying to get to the place
they want but don’t know how, than there are
people actually doing it.
There are more people yet, who don’t even care
to think about it, or who give up before
really trying to dig in and create their life of choice.
Usually those are the complainers,
those waiting to be discovered,
or those that feel that someone is holding them back.

But not you.

Being on the path of being prepared
is plenty gratifying all by itself.

So here’s a rundown as I see it:
1. What is it you love to do?
2. Are you doing that?
3. What can you do everyday towards doing that?

•Hint – do one little thing. It builds mindset, momentum, energy.
4. Don’t stop yourself if you don’t know the path yet.
The clarity and refinement will appear as you do it.
5. Tell people. People like to help and you may find that
you can get what you need to start.
Some call this networking. Others call it just being friendly.
6. When will you start?
7. GO.



Can we have more creative conversatons?

Is conversation only sharing opinions?

One of the premier principles of improvisational acting
is that you go with whatever line is given to you –
you build on it.
From that point you give credit and credibility
to the actor you’re ad-libbing with.
In the TV show “Who’s line is it anyway?” have you ever
heard them oppose each other?
What comes from that is more fun to be around
because it’s collaborative and challenging.
The interaction gains momentum and feeds
off of the unexpected.
That’s where it’s interesting.

Isn’t that the same as in any every day conversation too?
I wonder if taking the other person’s position to start with
would bring better outcomes every day.
It doesn’t mean we are accepting their position in total,
it means, for that moment, a creative conversation
based on their position could be tried.
More often I hear somebody refuting
and changing the position.

Since the internet gave more people than ever a voice,
it seems that the influx of opinions are crowding us.
There are more influences than ever.
Many using less than positive means.
Fear and force is what many default to.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?
Of course, it doesn’t.
Consistency of character will be heard longer
and with more influence than a negative force.

If you try starting from the position of the person
you are talking with, you will almost have to get creative.
Try it even once in your day.
Start from somewhere your mind isn’t used to.
Don’t refute, go with it.
At that point a question is as close to refuting
as you would need to get.

Shake it up. It’s your day.
People aren’t convincing anybody with negativity,
it’s not that engaging in the long run.

Try something new.
Who’s Life is it anyway?
Go with it.