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Living In The First Draft

It seems to me that most people live in the world of the first draft.
While this is full of excitement and raw creativity, it is also the frustrating feeling of unfinished business.


We like to feel good about our completed projects. In the process however, our feelings of inadequacy get the better of us.
We measure our progress against other completed work.


But something amazing happens as you put more time in to it.
It gets better. And as it gets better you feel better about it. All of a sudden you’re back to the somebody you envisioned yourself as.


Most of living is the first draft

The things that you really put your attention to will make it to the edit phase, and continue on to your completed projects. Your completed projects take a lot of work and should be among your best representations of you.


Of course you know all that.
A question that’s harder to ask yourself is one like this:
Of all your works – whether a Facebook post, what you do for work, any art you create for fun, how you parent your kids, what you cook, all or any of the variations of creations in your world –
what attention is paid to them being a showcase of you for others to take in?


This is YOU! At least it is to all of us looking. If it’s not, it’s your own representation of yourself that needs more looking into.


Creativity is at play – enjoy it.
Build ever better first drafts.
They make for better completed works.
It’s the majority of the day that is the first draft.