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Saving a Friendship in Traffic

Why isn’t this on the drivers test?

A DMV rule would sure clear things up.


There’s that semi-uncomfortable moment when you see somebody you know in traffic and they pull up alongside of you. You wave and acknowledge each other. Then one of you files back in the flow of traffic.


There’s trouble ahead. You may be about to look stoopid.


If you pull even with them again, do you purposely avoid looking at them? Isn’t that rude? Cuz otherwise what…do you do something goofy? What do you do?

You’ll start thinking about why you did what you did and have to figure out how to feel about it.
Not good!

This just happened to me and my friend.
He’s a goof. We are sprocketheads around each other.
I thought I knew him.
Turns out he’s smarter than me.


He decided to lay off. He put on the brakes, and tucked in behind me to avoid it altogether. Not at all what I thought he’d do.


I texted him that I was onto him and that he was smart for avoiding the moment. Either or likely both of us could have regretted what we would have come up with at the moment.
It may have saved the friendship.


Well what do you do?


The Cycle Of Friendship

Are you being a good friend?

It’s not easy to find a real lasting friend.
Friends come and friends go.
Some friendships burn bright and fade, some are because of the group of others around. Some are situational, during short periods of time when you are both teammates or on a project.


It starts from a shared interest or experience.
It lasts when the connection is below what’s seen.
And so we cycle through friendships looking for the qualities that energize us, lift us up, and allow us to share what we love doing with someone else who sees it the same way.


When you have a good friendship, you have given to it and taken from it at different times and in different amounts. If having a friend is in any way rewarding, then you have learned what it means to be a good friend. Being aware of it isn’t the same as the action of it. You understand it when you have received that reward back. Friendship is reciprocal. Fun is too.


If you go a level deeper in that thought, so too is negative reinforcement reciprocal. If you have someone calling you out and doing wrong to you and you stick around for any reason, you are going to engage in some form of negative positioning back.
Friendships assimilate. Friendship could be between two caustic and rude people too. Birds of a feather flock together.


Who your friends are and what you think of them reflects what you are thinking about yourself. Thinking highly of a friend means you are more likely to go out of your way for them, to do right by them and with the rule of reciprocity according to a good relationship, you will get that in return.


Parents, look at your kids’ friends to see where they are in their evaluation of themselves. Encourage good connections. Discourage ones that bring about results in behavior you want to steer them away from. For yourself, if your life is out of sorts in any way, consider who you are spending your time with. Changing that single thing will switch your outlook as the days go on.


Being around productive people is inspiring and brings peace. This is one of the keys to happiness.
Hang around people who can bring out your best and you will have gained something inside to give back to them.


Peddle the cycle of friendship.