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Success in increments

Everything big that we are wowed by,
is bound by its small connectors

It was started today, in the tiniest of ways, by a decision to be okay with all there was yet to know, being involved enough to grow.
If you start, you will have something.
If you do it again, You will find out just a little bit more to make it better. If you do it a third time, and a fourth, and fifth, each time you find tiny little ideas or fixes that make your work better. Pretty soon you’re in a completely different place than you were at the beginning – when you were fearful about all that you didn’t know or all that you thought you could not do.
Start with a smile
to get to gaining attention,
to get to hello,
to get to a conversation,
to get to a friendship.
We do all things in this way.
This incremental method.
Sure, begin with the end in mind.
The process is what we live.
We seem to think there are those having some unobtainable answer. They don’t. They have earned their method. We all get to what we know by doing it over and over, getting better each time. In work, in love and in life. Tiny, seemingly inconsequential bits at a time.
The right bond holds together everything of immense value.
Engage in and take some contentment, even joy from the smallest of increments. The small parts are always building something bigger.
Where are you laying that single brick today?
What are you building up?

The Reach

Reaching is extending yourself.
The cost is worth it.

Internal doubt

We know a little about you.
Certainly what we see isn’t what you see. You have more insight into you.
As people throw out drive by opinions, sometimes even one little harsh comment stays with you much longer than it does with the thrower. They’ve moved on from you.
You can move on from them too.


You are tough on yourself, aren’t you?
You can let a bad opinion of something you did creep into an evaluation on you.
We all do that.
We might not really understand you, the way you want to be understood –
the way you think you should be.
We know a little about you. What we see isn’t what you see.
You have more insight into you.


Internal turn around

Conversely, people are supportive of things you do too.
Let that stay with you and charge you up for awhile.
You’ll hear something good about yourself if you listen.
Pay attention to those who are in your corner.
You think you can do it, don’t you? Your opinion of what you did or what you wanna do is gonna be the best thing out there. What you can do with that acceptance is far reaching.


When you’re content to hear the right things and let the other stuff go, you can be a voice of encouragement to someone else who is trying to train that voice inside.
That voice inside is always acting up, it’s a child that could use your guidance.


When you’re trying, you’re extending yourself.
Extending yourself is growth. Lack of growth is atrophy.
Seek to grow.
Encourage along the way to promote growth.
First in yourself, then in others.


That’s the reach.


We are living in such an instant culture now.
We are either on or off, it works or it doesn’t.
Like a light switch.

No Lightswitches – Let it grow

When you build something it has a gestation period, a time it takes
to grow into maturity, to grow enough to be born and released into the world.
The idea or product needs finessing next.

It must be taught and given tools to stand on it’s own.
It must learn from what happens to it or around it.
Your project is not a lightswitch that is to be turned on and expected
to work straight away.
Even Edison’s process famously took 10,000 fails before being born.
Why is your project, idea, or new creation any different?

There are countless examples of a green light being given,
then being met with disgust and mistrust
when uncommunicated expectations are not met.
Poor communication will derail most projects or change their ability to work.
To get that green light to stay green, trust is required towards those with the vision.
This presumes good stories and communication have taken place, which is essential.

What it means to you

The most fun is to not only have or share the vision
but to be integrally involved in it’s creation.

If you are a part of the management team who makes decisions about projects,
look for those with the passion and the vision.
If they are allowed to unite and manage the project within clearly understood boundaries
you helped set, they can deliver far better with your trust.
Leave them alone to do their work.
You are the train engineer that must manage the speed of the operation
and keep it on the tracks. You must be your part of the process and let them be theirs.

If you are the production team put your ego aside and
make a great project become it’s best.
You have too much to do to waste time and energy on things that
don’t move the project forward towards the goals.

For all involved – Let it grow up.
You will all grow along with the project.

Be the process!