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Start With Try

 Don’t let what you know
prevent you from making a difference


We know what he have to do.
We could say reminders like this are obvious.
They are.
Then why is it so hard for us to do what we know we should?


While he’s right of course, the mental step to get that resolve scares us. Being afraid to fail subconsciously stops us.
“What if…?”


The mental step before do is try.
It’s a small step but an important one.
It’s the initial push that starts the wheel moving, the impetus, the first forward motion. That is the tough part.


Effort Is Everything

With relationships as well as career paths, trying is the difference. Effort brings action. Action you can work with.


The issue isn’t trying and not succeeding. It’s not trying.
Success of any kind accepts failed efforts.
Trying brings some new level of understanding.
Improvement follows.
Not trying delivers expected results.


If becoming a Jedi isn’t your goal, then maybe we can bring it down a notch.
Start with try. Trying is doing. Keep doing.



Are you part of the solution
or part of the problem?
Are you solving it or causing it?
Inclusion is the driving force behind any movement.
The solution to a problem is secondary to that.
The process has a lot to with motivation.
Solution is the result but not the motivation.


The involvement of the individual is determined
by their personal outlook, or possibly their affectation
to the cause or issue.
Either way, it surrounds their desire to be involved.


If their lives have intersected with the issue,
they will have a vested interest in becoming a part of
the solution, or at least part of the process,
but the reason is still driven by the id or ego,
either by instinct of belief.
Both become the selfish desire of the heart
to affect the world by what they do in their lifetime.
That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
That’s what motivates us into action.


Our heart feels so strongly about something so as to cause
motion in us towards that goal.

Even if you start by fooling yourself, action towards a good cause
is beneficial to you and others.

Wondering why helps to be purposeful in your actions.
We’re all busy.
The question then is busy with what?

Your actions do shape the world.