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Your Life’s In The Tank

I tried this simple experiment
and I recommend it for you too

It began by wondering what I did that I completely forget about within the last week.
What am I taking for granted?
All the things in any given week go by so quickly.
I wondered if I’m so used to things that they go by unnoticed.
Is what I’m doing on purpose?
Is it what I should be doing?
Am I doing good for anybody – for my family, for me?
This hit me as I was gassing up.

When I was back in the truck I noticed that my display said I had 485 miles to use on this fill. I had the thought, now what was I gonna do about it? It felt like a poignant thought at the time, you know those ones that have an element of weight to them. They give you pause, make you go Hmmm.
Well, there’s no time better than now.
This is the moment!

I grabbed a little notebook I keep in the truck and I wrote the miles at the top of the page. My new goal was to write the date on a new line and what I was doing on that trip every time I got in the truck until the next fill up.

Easy enough.
Getting the kids to school, shopping for food, going over to an older couples house to help with their computer and email, bringing my daughter to pickup her friends to hangout, everyday stuff mixed with a few extras.

Looking back after the week I got to appreciate what I did and see that it did fit into my life the way I want it to. Sure there’s tweaks and things I could do more efficiently, yada yada but it was at least on purpose and doing some good. I’m going to do it again and get a complete month worth to see if it holds true.

It’s a traveling diary I suppose. Maybe more suited to a guys world, I dunno. I only wrote what I did, no comments or feelings about it. I got to process those on the re-read – and it was good. I’d recommend it, it’s a good read. It’s quantifying the results of this section of your life.

Sometimes a little rear view mirror perspective shows the path you’re on in another great way that also keeps you on course.

Whadya think?

Living The Dash


19xx – 20xx
Your headstone will have the info on your entire life


You have a birth date.
You have a death date.
You have a dash in between.


The dash is your life.
What are you filling the dash with?


Everybody has an in-between,
but everybody’s is completely different.
When your child asks about your grandparents – “What was she like?” – what you answer
is their dash. What your kids or friends will say about you now and when you’re gone, is your dash. You are living your dash.


Dash is an expression of speed.
A long dash is about 100 years, and that is still fast.
A short dash can often have more impact than another’s long dash.


Whatever dates surround us, choose to make your mark every day, on purpose.
When you’re wrong, right yourself and start again, fresh and ready to help people with what your mark between years did for them.
Fill your dash.
Make your mark.
The symbol that looks the same as everyone else’s, is your art defining it’s difference.
When the end date is written, it’s people’s thoughts that pack your years into moments.
Your existence, then, is as good as your dash.


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