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The Melting Effects Of Realization


The good things in your life, the things you get really happy about, how did it get that way for you?


The things that are not working in your life, the things you sometimes feel powerless to change, are you able to realize why?


When you see something clearly, your choice, your path is obvious. Realization brings clarity, clarity brings direction.
All of a sudden the battles you used to have begin to melt away as you shift your focus towards the new realization. You will have found what needs your attention, what work gets your time.


How great is that?
That’s work worth doing.


Do You Know Your Calling?

Your calling might not be
what you thought


Is it time to rethink your career?

How many different things have you tried?
If you’re like me, it’s quite a lot.
I’ve thought about a great many things that I would want to do for a living.
What I have been able to make my living doing is something I enjoy but I personally have changed what that is many times in my life.
I view it in eras.
I made a choice, decided to dive into it and before too long, after I faced the fear of not knowing, but doing it anyway, I was good enough to start helping others with what I can now do. That became a money earner. The next few years afterwards were spent getting better at it as I got more comfortable with it’s tools and art. But that’s me.


What about you?

I’m astounded by those of you who only have ever wanted to do one thing.
And then you did it.
I’ve also met many who get to be great at what they said was their calling but then started to have regrets because they were “stuck” being an expert in a high paying position. Waaah, right? But they felt bad about it.


The point is, it’s your life – your choice.
You are never done living your own life.
You have to decide daily what path you want to take and make even a few steps in a new direction to be excited about it.
Life is great that way.
Just a little bit of new and exciting fills you up and makes you feel great.


Call yourself out to find your calling.
Then take a few steps on a different path.
This is your friendly reminder if you should you need one.
What’s the matter with starting today?


Try living without regrets.
Whatever happens, the look back will bring a smile and that’s a life well lived.



I have driven a lot over the years.
I’ve heard it said that if a deer crosses the road
in front of you, rather than avoiding it
you should just go ahead and hit it.

The theory is that by avoiding the deer you could cause greater harm
by running off the road, risking greater injury to yourself or hit another car.
It does, however, provide one of life’s little quandary’s.

Do you take the sure thing, accepting what it is, or do you risk
the possibility of failure with the equal possibility
of an intensely better outcome?
Known vs. unknown. Your risk tolerance.
It’s what’s behind curtain number three that intrigues us.

You might not realize it but this is a daily choice

If we’re moving towards a goal, our path is not dictated solely by the absoluteness of
the choice in front of us. There’s more to it than that.
Your path gets thought through with the long term goal in mind.

For instance, you might turn down an opportunity that pays better, and has better perks than your current situation because it is in a different industry and thus strays down
a different path than the one your plan moves you towards.
It would change your direction moving you off course.
Or conversely,  you might stay in a situation that you know isn’t what you ultimately want, but it is in the right direction. It’s part of your preparation. You learn things you will need in your ultimate goal so that’s a piece of your puzzle. Rather than jump ship, you tolerate,
for a term, because it meets up more with your long term goals.

Optimally, you are the driver.
You are the one placing and replacing the gifts behind each curtain.
Although each choice you make might provide a different surprise behind each curtain,
each reveal would be one that works for you.

The purpose of having a plan is that you are then the one putting each surprise behind the curtain. As you grow and get better, you replace what goes behind each curtain.

Opportunities come that you didn’t see when you started down the path
– and they do come.

Your choices, then, of those new opportunities, get more targeted – better.
You’re making your own deal instead of waiting for Monty Hall to offer you a choice.

It’s been said that you make your own opportunity.
That’s what this is.

Each choice you make towards your goal prepares each curtain with a better and better choice for you to make, incrementally, as you grow.

So live the process of your plan.
You do have a plan, right? A goal that sets the course?

Be in charge of what goes behind your curtain.
Don’t let the gameshow host have the power over your choices.
What is your goal? What choice will you make today towards that goal?