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Success in increments

Everything big that we are wowed by,
is bound by its small connectors

It was started today, in the tiniest of ways, by a decision to be okay with all there was yet to know, being involved enough to grow.
If you start, you will have something.
If you do it again, You will find out just a little bit more to make it better. If you do it a third time, and a fourth, and fifth, each time you find tiny little ideas or fixes that make your work better. Pretty soon you’re in a completely different place than you were at the beginning – when you were fearful about all that you didn’t know or all that you thought you could not do.
Start with a smile
to get to gaining attention,
to get to hello,
to get to a conversation,
to get to a friendship.
We do all things in this way.
This incremental method.
Sure, begin with the end in mind.
The process is what we live.
We seem to think there are those having some unobtainable answer. They don’t. They have earned their method. We all get to what we know by doing it over and over, getting better each time. In work, in love and in life. Tiny, seemingly inconsequential bits at a time.
The right bond holds together everything of immense value.
Engage in and take some contentment, even joy from the smallest of increments. The small parts are always building something bigger.
Where are you laying that single brick today?
What are you building up?



Change happens in two ways.
One moment,
or a series of shifting moments.


If you have a lightbulb moment, consider it a gift.
Not too many get revelations of that sort.
If you do, your path seems clear at that point.
If it’s the real deal, you have been set on your path.


Mostly though, it’s about knowing what moves you
and giving to that draw.
That understanding of what excites you
and scares you at the same time
is a tug on your life.
There’s certainly something that you’ve
been thinking of over the years that
fits that description.


If you are able to decide what you are going to do
to change or forge your vision towards your daily routines,
you will experience many smaller shifts leading you there,
the sort of small that most miss or ignore.
It’s something you think or do that is not normal for you.
Those small shifts are clearing your path in a process by which
any given one won’t matter that much.
However, collectively, which means repeatedly over time,
they bring you to a clarity of vision and new opportunity.
Only when you look back in time do you see
just how much change will have actually occurred.


Being scared is a clue

Of course none of this can happen if you are not
giving in to acting on it.
What’s scarier – moving into the unknown
in the direction of your passion
or staying where you are,
never realizing that you are in control
of your own life, your own day?
Yep, it’s scary to move into the unknown.
Scary is change.
Change that you want is worth it.
Letting others dictate your existence
doesn’t sound like a good day.


If you’re scared to any degree, the fact that you’re
facing up to it and getting comfortable with it shows growth.
Growth shows change.
Change builds the life you want.


Try finding the right ways to be scared.
I dare you!


Show yourself change.

Pick one small thing.
Think overly simple.
A stupidly simple thing when you look at it on paper.


How about one thing that you haven’t done but need to.
Change that light bulb, download photos from your phone,
clean your refrigerator, dust just that one area,
bring that box out to the shed already,
go give that pile of stuff away, backup your computer,
make a smoothie.
It takes 30 seconds – maybe 10 minutes.
You’re not too busy.


Or that need can come from the heart.

Smile when you make eye contact
with someone in public, just once.
Give your kid a hug
and tell them something you love about them.
Kiss your mate out of nowhere
and with nothing attached.
You’re not too busy.

Small moves become big when you show yourself you can do them.
You’re not too busy.

Today is one day of a process you will show yourself capable of.
Stupidly simple when you look at it on paper.
It’s all been said and done before.
But has it been done by you?

Be busy with the simple and right things.
That’s small but very real change.