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Why giving up is a position of strength

When you see less of me you like me more

Less Is More?
That goes against the hype machine of advertising
and especially the newly found voices on the web.

Self-promotion is at an all time high.
In our personal lives however, self-promotion doesn’t really work.
It’s hollow. We so often treat those we are “used to” with the least amount of our manners.

Our ability to properly give up to a situation in the moment shows respect for the bigger picture of getting along.
Getting along with people is how you are heard.

State your position and let it be

When we’re not at our best are we practicing being real?
Not our best is not really us.
Practicing involves some fails.
Let’s hope we are afforded some leeway in the middle of that.
One thing is for sure – it involves effort to do this on purpose.

Giving up is a position of strength in this area.
It leads by the example of self-control.
Overstating or badgering lessens your ability to be heard,
and ultimately respected.

Being mindful of effective communication is forgotten in the moment its needed.
Effective communication is putting across the real information, as opposed to competing in a conversation.

The first step leads to many

Trying is a huge first step.
Being aware of our intentions leads to effort.
We get around to someone else’s idea in our own time, in our own way.

Beyond discussing to decide, or stating a perspective, arguing to the end doesn’t solidify the point. It wears the others down and costs relationship. It’s more work, actually inefficient to continue to promote your stance to the very end.

Speaking your mind and letting it be gives others a chance to consider it in their own mind based upon its merit.

The controlling argument and confrontation is what people rebel against. The personal distaste will not allow even the thought to consider what was being said. The chance was lost for them to talk to themselves by putting ourself in the way, it closes the logic window. It is standing in between the point and the person, acting as a roadblock.

Winning an argument is missing the point.
Arguments don’t convince.
Try saying less to be heard.

Someone has to give first.


Prepare / Being Prepared


Submitting is the unknown key

Prepare – done by you.
Being Prepared – An outside force based upon what you are doing.


As I was spending time with a friend of mine,
he mentioned how he had a voice in the
back of his mind that had prompted him
towards his own venture.
He felt he was being readied for years for this.
He waited three years after feeling that tug,
which became persistent.
He mentioned that, in hindsight, had he moved
into a position of his own any earlier than he did,
he would not have been ready.
Once he made the announcement to leave,
there was not much surprise.
People knew he was ready because for years
he had demonstrated that practice.
It was an obvious move for him at that time.
His feeling about stepping out had not changed
in the waiting period.
He was still being prepared.
Even with all he was personally doing.

Preparing for something means that you are
learning, honing skills and practices
that you will use to move forward.
Being prepared means that you are
not the only person involved in your plan.
Submitting allows the outside forces to work with you.
It’s the intangibles you cannot control but only influence.

Almost nothing is done in a vacuum of
your own work with no input from others.
The rest is being prepared for a move that will be right.
Other people and other situations have to work out
for the pieces to fit together. It’s a tough one to write about
and explain because when all the parts
are there and fit together, there are many points
that lead you to the feeling that it is indeed right.
Feelings are tough to quantify.
But very real.

How do you know which house to buy, who to marry?
It’s a feeling that becomes the fact.
You have to be aware of the feeling and give it
the proper weight to decipher if the facts fit.


The next obstacle is fear.
If it comes in big enough to affect a decision away from
what you’re being prepared for, it isn’t right yet.
Fear is always lurking but fear that leads to insecure
and ultimately wrong decisions is a sure signal that
it’s not right yet.

When you’re ready and it’s right, you will move forward
almost without knowing you’re doing it.
It’s a logical next step.

Are you preparing for something in your life?
Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing?
Are you using your talents and feeling rewarded by
what you get to do every day?

I’m afraid those that do are in the minority.
That’s what this tidbit is about.

There are more who are trying to get to the place
they want but don’t know how, than there are
people actually doing it.
There are more people yet, who don’t even care
to think about it, or who give up before
really trying to dig in and create their life of choice.
Usually those are the complainers,
those waiting to be discovered,
or those that feel that someone is holding them back.

But not you.

Being on the path of being prepared
is plenty gratifying all by itself.

So here’s a rundown as I see it:
1. What is it you love to do?
2. Are you doing that?
3. What can you do everyday towards doing that?

•Hint – do one little thing. It builds mindset, momentum, energy.
4. Don’t stop yourself if you don’t know the path yet.
The clarity and refinement will appear as you do it.
5. Tell people. People like to help and you may find that
you can get what you need to start.
Some call this networking. Others call it just being friendly.
6. When will you start?
7. GO.