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The Junker In My Life

Is Your Car You?

I’m hanging out with a friend who drives this wonderfully junky car.
Of course it’s got a name, and it should.
This person, I think, is maybe a little embarrassed by the car.
I guess I’m not sure but there’s usually some tone approaching apology about the car from them. Mostly, they don’t care that much.
Here’s the thing though, they live a life that most of us would like to be living.
They’re free to create, and they do. They’re surrounded by their fun choices, their works of art – which are many and in many forms. They live a rich life with many well developed relationships. They walk around town saying hi to people and engaging with people and laughing and having a good time. They’re not playing the game that often starts early in life with a car payment and keeping up with what others have.
Would they like to have a new car? Sure they would.
Would they be this way if they had money and were busy keeping up with the Joneses?
Maybe a little but almost certainly they would not be as engaged in the benefits of care-free living if they had increasingly more to lose. The pressure to keep it can often outweigh the acceptance of their current level.
We’ve all got some struggles, but I’ll take their happier life and a crappy car.
One day you can upgrade to a better car.
Finding the way to make that metaphorical, to be living the concept, is the pursuit.
How far along in life are we gonna get before we realize that a certain behavior is too deep seeded to change now?
How far along in life are we gonna get before we put the priority on the things that really matter?
It’s always such a contradiction that what we seek isn’t best for us to actually reach.
It’s the process that makes us.
Always having something to reach for, to better ourselves, is the value.
Reaching goals means you get to set new ones.
Should we keep fixing up this junker?
We’re all broken to some degree.
Even a new car has flaws.

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