Why Fear Freedom? - Dr. Bunk

Why Fear Freedom?

We rise up
when our choices are taken away.
We stay put
when our choices are available.

I don’t use the term “chores” around our house.
It doesn’t sound like something I want to do.
There are things to be done still no matter what you call it.
But if I want a clean house, I’ll say that I need to clean.


When I pull my head off the pillow I don’t want to say – “I have to go to work.”
It doesn’t sound like something I want to do.
But when I tell myself what things I get to do today, and what result they will bring,
I get energized to do them.


I’d prefer we don’t use much of the word “can’t” in our house.
It doesn’t sound like something I want to do.
Most often can’t actually means won’t.


What we tell ourselves become the changes to our lives.
Make the refinements yourself that you want to see.
Even if others don’t follow the lead, your life is reflecting your amendments.
But others will follow your lead.
Others will benefit from your good decisions.


The older we grow the more programmed our options become.
It gets harder and harder to convince yourself to make a switch.
But that’s what freedom really is.
This is what was fought for – your ability to run your own life
with a full palette of possibilities.


You are free to make the best decisions for your day.
Your say becomes your day and your days become your ways.
That is what changing the world around you looks like in practice.
Fix the parts that you want to work better all by yourself.